Disillusionment Creates Change

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Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Change AheadA lot of people have asked me why I am now job hunting instead of continuing with Coaches’ Marketing Source. My easy answer is that my passions changed and I wanted to take my skills & talents into non-profit work.

What I don’t talk about often is that I was actually loathing marketing my own business. It was out of integrity for me to help people market their businesses when I didn’t want to market mine. What happened that I found myself dreading marketing my business when I had loved every minute of it in the past?

It started in 2014 when I asked if there was a different way to go about marketing. I have tons of blog posts, calls and newsletters exploring what a new way might look like. I was excited and energized by looking for it and I shifted many minds in the process.  I even started a mastermind group where we discussed new ways of marketing.  After a few years though, I struggled with tactics and how to make them better.

Then the 2016 election happened and a lot of things I thought I knew suddenly felt like they’d been made all fuzzy. My mastermind group fizzled. I started spending more time as an activist. My Husband got sick (he’s getting better now after over a year of being sick). Time didn’t get in my way. I can always find time for my passions. It was something else. It was deeper.  I’m just starting to scratch the surface on it now. Over the last four months a few things have become clear to me.

1) I was shaming people-Marketing strategies I have learned over the years threatened people and were intended to make them feel bad so they would buy my services. In 2014, I started to rebel against this. I stopped shaming and started inviting. Yet the marketing industry kept digging further and further into shaming. And I suffered from a bit of comparitanitis as people who were using those tactics were growing when I wasn’t.

2) I was perpetuating privilege-I worked mostly with people who were not only Naturally, Creative, Resourceful and Whole but who had support systems, access to what they needed, and the means to make things happen.

3) I want to be making a difference with a different group of people. Since the election of 2016, my eyes have been opened to so many systemic things in our country that run deeper than I ever knew (racism, sexism, and other isms). Things that have knocked people down and kept them there. As we move forward, it looks like more of these systems will be implemented as the old ones are strengthened or re-energized. That rattles me to the core. I want to make a difference for those who are most affected by this. I want to support the people who do the work helping those people. I want to put my talents and skills to use getting the word out about a different kind of good work being done in the world.

While I loved every minute of working with Coaches, I have begun to see how messaging, smart marketing, coordination skills and the ability to lead with coaching skills can be invaluable in non-profit organizations. I would rather get paid to grow their services than to grow my own. I’d rather get paid to bring their work into the world. There are a lot of people doing great work helping coaches figure out their marketing (many who are working to dismantle the problems there). I feel a hard pull to move on.

Again, this is just scratching the surface. I am disillusioned with marketing and running my own business and that prompted the change. Since I’ve stepped back I’ve seen things that I couldn’t see while in the midst of it (there is racism and so much classism in marketing). My vision for my business has crumbled now and I don’t have the desire to move forward, so I must move on.

I don’t know exactly what life will look like when I land, but I’m following my passion and heart. Re-reading that statement I realize so many don’t have the ability to follow their passion and heart. I want to be a part of more people having that ability. Of course, when they are ready, I will always be promoting coaching as an option.

Mighty and powerful vs. loving and compassionate

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Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

love-1985748_19201If you are in the United States (and probably many other areas around the world), you can’t help but see what’s going on in the news related to Charlottesville. Why do I bring this up? Because it’s a perfect example of might and power vs. love and compassion. The news is focused on the violence that happened. They focus on people with riot gear and beating each other up. They focus on Heather Heyer who lost her life. Our President has even stated (multiple times) that there was violence on both sides. This is NOT the message those of us who are against these kinds of hate groups, want to amplify.  We want words like domestic terrorist used.  We want our government to condemn white supremacy.  We want these hate groups to know that they aren’t welcome here.  That message is not getting through.  That message is actually getting squashed.  Why?  Because the goal of these hate groups is to create violence so they feel mighty and powerful.  So that others like them will join in to feel mighty and powerful too.  These tactics work for them and they got exactly what they wanted.  I have participated in a conversation with a group of people who believe, like I do, that another Charlottesville can NOT happen.  That these hate groups must be stopped.  There seems to be a difference of opinion on how to respond locally if we were to have a hate group come and march in our streets.

Personally, I would follow the advice of the Southern Poverty Law Center: “Every act of hatred should be met with an act of love and unity. Many communities facing a hate group rally have held alternative events at the same hour, some distance away, emphasizing strength in community and diversity.” This would give no ammunition for violence at the hate group rally.  Therefore, they would have no might or power.  It would be a non-event.

So, how does this relate to marketing a coaching business?  Every day, I see bullying, shaming and guilt tripping in so many marketing messages.  I see coaches trying to get clients by invading Facebook private messages and LinkedIn inboxes with offers before starting a relationship.  I see marketing gurus teaching those tactics.  These seem like mighty and powerful ways to get a marketing message across.  Strong language and tactics get responses, right?  Wrong!  Ok, so I realize that this is not white supremacy rearing it’s ugly head and the people doing these tactics actually don’t want to incite violence.  But there’s a reason so many coaches do not succeed at getting clients using these tactics. Because being mighty and powerful has led to forcing our way into a client’s pocketbook.

There are coaches  who will succeed with mighty and powerful tactics.  It works for them, because it’s authentic to them. They are people who can easily wear those tactics and become attractive because it matches for them and their clientelle.  Strangely enough, there’s no forcing their way into a client’s pocketbook because their might and power brings a message of help and change that their clients respond to.

Then there are the coaches who would like to think that they can be mighty and powerful (they certainly can be), but it’s just not who they are.  They are driven by love and compassion.  When they try to be mighty and powerful, it’s forced, inauthentic and client’s don’t buy it. Love and compassion can sometimes be seen as “weak” marketing methods.  Do you think the clergy in Charlottesville, who stood in a line with love and compassion, were weak?  Nope!  They sent a message too.  Their message was clear, “we stand together in spite of you.”  They still made the news.  They got positive press.  People acknowledged their  bravery in standing next to armed militia men.  There’s a photo of a black police officer standing in front of some people from the hate group, protecting them, doing his job.  He didn’t say a word, but we all know the irony of that picture.  He got a message across too.  These are mighty and powerful messages…but they weren’t acquired by mighty and powerful means.  They were acquired through love and compassion.

If you’ve been struggling with marketing, I encourage you to take a look at whether you are using might and power to get through to your potential clients or are you digging deep into love and compassion?  Where can you stand mightily and powerfully in love and compassion?  What words will you use?  What tactics will honor love and compassion?  Don’t ram yourself into your client’s pocket books.  Do what comes naturally to you.  Use who you are to easily attract those who are ready for your help in changing their lives.

Wishes for you on your marketing journey

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Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

stars-smallI see the stars in your eyes filled with hope for your dream business to come into reality.  You truly believe that you can make it.  All you have to do is get there and everything will fall into place.

You want to believe the slogans that say you can have $10,000/month in income now and make 6-figures in six months.  These statements give you hope.  Especially when you read about the person offering it and find out they’ve been right where you are now.

You tell yourself over and over again that you’re a coach and you will reach your goals.  If they can do it, so can you.  You can make it happen, therefore it will happen and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there.  You’re willing to be uncomfortable, stretch and push your limits.

You continually look for whatever nibble you can get on the tree of instant stardom. Hoping you’ll be the one to make it work.  No matter the cost, time or energy it takes.

You’re determined.  You have great tenacity.  You will not stop until you’ve successfully created a business that allows you to live out your purpose, change lives and make the world a better place.

You are an amazing coach who will change the world.

My wish for you is that you enjoy getting the word out about your business so much that it becomes second nature.

My wish for you is that you consistently touch people deeply resulting in relationships that lead to paying clients.

My wish for you is to have a foundation for your marketing that will support your values, help you make wise decisions and grow at a rate that fits your priorities.

If you were to look deep within your heart and ask the following three questions of yourself, how would you answer them?

What do you want in this moment?

What do you want your life to look like on the road to your dream?

Who do you want to be as you build your business?

You are a coach and I’m sure you’ve asked your clients questions like this, but are you asking them of yourself?

Changing the face of coaching

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Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

TrustTechnical marketing is where your language, campaigns, mailings, website, etc… are structured around what should come first, second and so on.  It’s a standard, a norm, a blueprint.

Most of us (me included) follow the pattern because we know someone before us tested this and found that the numbers add up and it’s the most effective way to go.  If you’re anything like me, you know that you’re not the best at analyzing these things, so it’s best to rely on someone else’s work.

What if that technical structure isn’t YOUR most effective structure?

The coaching industry is filled with coaches who struggle to get clients.  I truly believe that a big part of the problem is technical marketing.  Most coaches are creative.  We love to help people and are driven by relationship and/or inspired ideas.  This is how we show up during coaching sessions, group programs and speaking engagements.

Technical marketing is great for understanding what people need in order to buy from you, but there comes a point where it defines who you are as a coach.  This is where we have the opportunity to change the face of coaching.

Every bit of marketing for coaching is “the face” of coaching.  Over the last 10+ years I’ve watched the industry go from no one knowing what a coach is to most people having heard of a coach but not really understanding what that means.

Right now, I’m seeing a lot of social media blowback about the industry saying that coaches are taking money and not getting results “for” their clients.  The coaching industry is not trusted withing a large part of the population.  I’ve even had clients who’ve said to me “You’ve restored my faith in coaching.”  Before me, they didn’t trust it.  I had to earn that trust and it took a lot of time.

These complaints clearly come from people who don’t know what true coaching is about.

What they know is what they see in marketing.

What they see is technical marketing that lacks the depth a coach brings to the relationship.

What they see is a coach trying to be a good marketer.

What they NEED is an experience of the coach.

What if we ditched the structure and focused on BEing?

Who are you being in your marketing?  Are you being the coach or the marketer?

I’ve been working on this myself.  The more I own who I am as a coach in the work I do with my clients, the more I’ve had to own who I am as a coach in my marketing.  Let me tell you, I’ve studied a lot of marketing and that isn’t easy.  Day by day, I’m changing it up and it’s paying off.

I’m constantly challenging my clients to stop marketing and start being who they are (a coach) in their marketing.  The more they own it, the easier, more authentic and more attractive their marketing gets.  Relationships form faster and easier.  The right clients are contacting them.  Best of all they spend less time marketing and more time coaching.  I’m challenging you, as a coach, to step up and step out of the norm.  Be a coach!

I challenge you to join me.  Do you accept the #BeACoach challenge?


Veruca Salt is in my head

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Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

What’s your business dream?  Are you looking for the fastest way to get there?  If you’re anything like me.  You’re impatient.  I’ve always been a Veruca Salt kind of person.  You remember?  The spoiled brat in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.   Ok.  I may not literally go stomping around saying “I want it NOW!”  However, the little girl in my head does that quite frequently.

When my Veruca Salt rears her demanding head, it sends me out searching for the fastest path to get to my destination. The road that’s been proven and worked for other people.  The one with the easy to follow plan that will be exactly what I need to reach my goal.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to business.

For years, I gave into my Veruca Salt.  I fed her information, plans, easy to follow step-by-step workbooks. She ate every little bit of it up.  Yet, I still never reached my goal.  None of it got me where I wanted to go. Worst of all, I was really NOT enjoying these “plans” at all. While I may get a taste of success and enjoy that, the work to get there was draining every ounce of energy away.

That’s what happens when you go kicking and screaming down a path that isn’t yours to go down.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t get into business for yourself so that you could  do a whole bunch of tasks that drain your energy. I’m pretty sure you DID get into business to help people, have flexibility and enjoy your work more than you ever did in that JOB.

Why are we in such a hurry?

There are so many juicy experiences to have along the way.  The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that we get to create our own experience.  So, why are we in such a hurry to get to our end goal?  Why not enjoy the whole experience of growing our business?

Yes, there are bills to pay and there’s income to bring in.  There’s the income you can bring in today and there’s the ultimate income.  You’ll never get to the ultimate income if you don’t bring in something today.  Again, why are we in such a hurry?  Slow down.

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I didn’t jump head first into eating 1600 calories a day, walking a minimum of 5000 steps a day, doing 2 90 minute cardio events every week, getting off the couch to go somewhere every day or eating 15-13 grams of starch carb per meal.  Doesn’t that sound daunting?  That’s a lot do all at once!

I started with a focus.  Eat only 30-45 grams of carbs per meal.  In 3 months, I lost 15 pounds.  So, I added a new focus, move more.  After 4 years of adding in one focus at a time, I’m down 60 pounds, off my blood pressure meds and my numbers are below Diabetic levels.  Some people try to lose 60 pounds in a year.  I took 3.5 years.  I hear people talk about how hard it was to give up their favorite foods and work their bodies all the time. I enjoyed my journey.  I never felt like I was giving up anything or doing more than my body wanted to do.  I just did it and it was fun.

I apply the same philosophy to my business.  It’s taken me longer to get here than I would’ve liked, but I prefer to have my business and enjoy my life around it too.  What’s your preference?  Get there fast or enjoy the ride?