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Get Clients At A Reunion?!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 | Marketing, Networking with 1 Comment

Why not?!  I have a high school reunion coming up and it got me thinking. Is this an appropriate time to do some networking? How cool would it be to include some people from my hometown in my business?  Then I started thinking about whether a Coach could do the same.  How well do you really know your classmates that you haven’t seen or talked to in 15, 20, 40 years?  What a gift to offer a fellow classmate the opportunity to re-connect (or connect for the first time) on a Coaching level?  Usually, in a reunion setting everyone is sharing their life stories anyway.  If you are talking to someone that matches your ideal client, why not offer them your gifts?  You would in any other networking situation. 

Honestly, as a Coach, I consider most group gatherings to be a networking situation.  People are curious about what Coaching is.  Fill them in, help them understand what it is you do, why you love it and what they can get out of Coaching.  If nothing else, you have educated one more person on the benefits of Coaching.  I’m not saying that you should always be selling your services.  In fact DON’T sell your services.  Enjoy the questions.  Get to know the person you are talking to.  If they are your ideal client then you can bring up the Coaching and share with them your experience. It’s not about selling.  It’s about getting to know the person you are speaking with.  Enjoy it!!  Network and have some fun!!  Create new relationships and find a new client at the same time.  At a class reunion, the supermarket, the party your friend dragged you to and any other social gathering where people are talking about LIFE.