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Seven Facts About Me

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 | Blogging with 1 Comment

I have just been challenged by Sandra DeFreitas over at to share 7 things that may be weird or unusual about me.  Now, you may be wondering why I would participate in a “blog game” on a professional blog.  Here’s why; it’s a great way for readers to get to know me.  I’ll be very transparent here.  I want readers of my blog to be clients.  Sharing little known facts helps them get to know who I am, therefore creating a relationship.  When they are ready for my services, they feel like they already know and trust me, making them a client that already knows they want to work with me. Okay, and if I’m being really honest…it’s a fun little distraction on Thanksgiving week!

So, without delaying any further, here are my seven things!

1)  I’m a total geek!  Yes, my husband and I go to pre-release tournaments for Magic: The Gathering.  Can you say “Two-Headed Giant”?  If you don’t know what that means, that’s okay.  I realize my readers are probably not as into Magic as I am.

2)  I’m an electronic gadget nut.  I’ve asked Santa to bring me an iPod Touch for Christmas.  I can’t wait to play with all the apps, flipping the screen, games, music etc… it gets me jumping up and down for joy just thinking about it!  woo hoo!

3)  I collect musical instruments when I travel.  When I went to mexico I picked up marracas, drums and all sorts of other instruments.  Instruments that are hand made right there.

4)  I collect ceramic masks.  I’ve been collecting since I was 13 or 14.  I have all sorts, from jesters, to plain comedy/tragedy, to a cat and so forth….

5)  I’m a travel geek.  Before we go on vacation, I study the travel books, learning the lay of the land and the sites.  When we get to our destination, I can tell you exactly where we are and what’s around us, without looking at the book.  I know my way around so well, I’ve had locals ask me; “Have you been here before?”

6)  I am in love with marketing.  I actually enjoy every part of the marketing process.  I love learning new strategies, playing with them, and finding what’s effective.  I love creating my own marketing and sending itout in the world.  It’s an ongoing experiment that I enjoy (unlike science experiments … *blech*).

7)  I’m a people watcher.  Yes, I’m one of those weird people who enjoys sitting at the mall, watching people shop, talk and engage with those around them.  I make up stories about people and why they are there, or who they are with.  It’s a game that I’ve played since childhood.  It’s fascinating to me.

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Authenticity and Marketing Strategies

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 | Marketing with 1 Comment

So you may be wondering what authenticity and marketing have to do with each other.  Then again, maybe not. Maybe you already know that if authenticity bleeds through each and every piece of marketing you put out into the world, you create trust and clients are attracted to you.  Did you know that authenticity is also important in the marketing strategies you choose for your business?

Here’s the way I see it.  There are thousands of marketing strategies you could choose for your business.  Likely, you’ve tried many of them.  Some work and some don’t.  Is it because the strategy is faulty?  Probably not.  Most of the time marketing strategies are created because someone tried it and it worked.  However, it may not work for everyone.  Have you ever heard the story of how someone had crazy, wild success with a strategy, then you decided to try it?  Did it work for you, like it did them?  If so, great!! Stick with that marketing strategy.  If not, then you may want to consider trying something else.

Each one of us has a marketing strategy combination that’s going to work for us.  It’s just a matter of finding that combination.  First, it helps to know how you work best and what activities you find exciting.  You see, if you aren’t excited about the marketing you do, then it likely won’t get done and won’t be effective.  So, play with your marketing.  Try new things.

For me, I’m always trying different marketing strategies.  I don’t try them for a day or a week, but each year I try about 3 or 4 different strategies and see how they work.  I am a creative person and I enjoy trying new things, so playing new strategies gets my creative juices flowing.  I get excited and I can’t wait to work on it.  I find that when I’m looking forward to the marketing, then I attract more clients.

So, could the key to client attraction be using marketing strategies that are authentic for you?  What do you think?  I’d love to read a comment with your 2 cents.

Stop stressing over your newsletter or blog posts!

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 | Implementation planning with 2 Comments

Okay, I’m going to be honest with you.  This post is all about one topic that I believe in and at the end there is an opportunity to attend a preview call.  I am ONLY promoting this idea and call, because I believe in it.  I am tired of watching coaches stress over writing their newsletters and/or blogs, so I want to offer a REAL solution.  Before I do that, I want to take a few moments  to explore the challenge of writing.

So, yes, I know you’ve been told to do a newsletter and/or a blog.  Every week, every other week or every month you are required to write an article.  I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had that dread that moment when they have to sit down and write their newsletter or blog.  It’s like pulling teeth to get some people to do this.

So, first let’s talk about the purpose.  What IS the purpose of a newsletter or blog?  Well, there isn’t just one.  Here are a few and maybe you have more, so please add to it in the comments.

1)  Drive traffic to your website
2)  Create relationship with people who are already interested in your offer
3)  Create a list that you can approach with opportunities to move through your marketing funnel.
4)  (this is one many don’t think about, but it’s SO true) Introduce people to your unique message as a coach.  Open their minds, get them to think about what’s possible.

What’s it going to take?

You know that newsletters and blogs are an important part of the marketing for your business.  So, what keeps coaches from sitting down and writing?  What’s it going to take to make this happen?

Plan in advance!

You don’t have to do your newsletter or blog every publication.  You could write a series and have 6 of them completed at the same time.  You could even write an entire year all at once and then it’d be done!! If you plan in advance it can all be done without having to pull teeth to make it happen.

Here it is…the offer.  I’m sponsoring a free preview call offered by my colleague, Linda Puig, that will get all your newsletters and/or blogs DONE for 2009!  If writing your newsletter or blog is like pulling teeth, then this might be a good idea for you.  Please, don’t neglect this very important part of your marketing routine and check out our preview call at

We both look forward to hearing you there!

Rate hikes for using teleconference lines?

Friday, November 7th, 2008 | technology with 3 Comments

Last week, Cindy Morus of Mend Your Money ( or was nice enough to share her recent struggle with the telephone company.  Here’s what she said:

“Hi, my local telco just cancelled my long distance because I was calling in to conference lines for teleclasses. Now, they want to charge me 10 cents per minute!”

Wassup with that?!  This could be a serious problem for all coaches (and other online entrepreneurs) who use teleconference lines for classes and seminars.  It’s possible that all of a sudden our clients will run into the same issue?  The coaching industry relies on free bridge lines for a good percentage of their work.  So, this could be devastating.

Is there a solution?  One solution is Skype.  You can still use your free bridgeline to host the call and your attendees can use Skype to call in.  Your attendees WILL have to pay a fee, but it’s only $0.02 to call in from the USA & Canada.  Most other areas in the world are between $0.01 and $0.03 a minute.  So, it’s a very inexpensive way for people to join the call if the phone companies are going to go to $0.10 a minute.  Now, I do want to warn you that there are some bridge lines that can’t handle Skype (or other VOIP services) very well.  Ask your bridgeline provider if they are Skype or VOIP safe.  If they have no idea what you are talking about, you may want to switch providers.

There’s also  They have a $5/month for 500 minutes of calling from computer to phone, anywhere in the US and Canada.  For $15/month you can get unlimited minutes.  Thanks to Brit Rock for that suggestion on Twitter (

Are there other solutions?  Do you have a suggestion?  Please leave a comment and let’s create a list of options for coaches.