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Social Networking; To Outsource or Not To Outsource?

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Social Networks

I’m seeing this issue a lot lately.  Are you?  Some internet entrepreneurs have an assistant or behind the scenes person doing social networking for them.  Others swear they do it all themselves and it’s a rip off to do it any other way.  Who’s right?  I think BOTH are.

On one hand, social networks are about being social and connecting with others.  They are about getting visibility for your business and creating relationships that are profitable.  They are also a place to connect with like-minded people and have stimulating conversations about your chosen profession.

On the other hand, there is a lot of work involved with social networking.  The profile maintenance, the branding customizations and the plug-in additions.  Not to mention the actual communication that goes on.  Much of this can be handled by a skilled social networking expert who knows the technology.

So, what’s possible to outsource?  Well, that depends on how much time you have for social networking.  If you have time to communicate and run the technology without taking time away from other income-generating activities, well then have it and do it all by yourself.

If you have limited time for social networking, but it’s been a huge reason that you have been successful, then it might be time to consider outsourcing it.  Okay, so what EXACTLY can you outsource on social networks?  Let me give you a list:

  • Profile changes.  Especially in Facebook, where there are so many apps and customizations you can make.
  • Branding changes.  When you change your brand, your networks need to be updated.
  • Friend/Follow maintenance.  Once you set up a clear criteria, this can be handled by someone else.  Give them a list of all the people you just met an event and they can add them into your mix too.
  • Marketing Messages.  This is great for a Fan Page where it’s all business.  Have a great writer take what you’ve written for your marketing campaign and break it down into conversation starters, then post those on your networks.
  • Affiliate posts.  If you are an affiliate, have someone pre-set your affiliate postings if possible.  Have them go in on a regular basis and post updates with affiliate links.
  • Customer service issues.  If you get people coming to you through social networks asking standard questions that your customer service team can answer, have them do so.

Now, the every day responses to others will be all up to you.  Your outsource company can get the conversation started, but you need to be present to keep it going when you get a response.  You also need to put your “in the moment” thoughts out there, becuase these are most attractive to potential clients.  You don’t need to be into the technology.  If you are making money from being on social networks, then you can invest in a team to allow you more time to serve the clients you get from you social networking activities.

So, the answer is yes and no.  Yes, you can outsource if you’re business is growing from social networks.  No, you can’t outsource EVERYTHING…because no one is you and your social networks want to know YOU.  You CAN get help from professionals when it pays off.  So, are you ready to outsource yet?  What are your thoughts on this topic?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.

November Business Events for Coaches and other Life Changers

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I’m not sure how often I will do this, but I feel this blog is a great place to share with the community events at Coaches’ Marketing Source and with our partners.  All of which will help you with your marketing and/or business.  Over the next couple weeks there are three such events going on.  So, I’m going to share them with you now.

1)  Wednesday - Saturday if you are in the San Francisco area, you may want to consider attending the Love & Money Business Summit hosted by Katrina Sawa.  She’s going to cover huge amounts of information on how to be happy in your life and your business.  It’s a great combo!  For more information visit:

2)  Tuesday, November 17 @ 5:00 pm EST, Scott Lewis of Focused Business Action has asked me to present the More Money Marketing Systems call.  It’s been revamped to include action steps that you will put together on the call, so you can get started right away.  This is going to be a great action-oriented call on how to earn more money with the systems you already have in place.  Oh, and it’s FREE!  Sign up at

3)  Thursday, November 19 @ 2:00 pm EST, I’ll personally be interviewing Milana Leshinsky about affording your dream team without breaking the bank on this months Build Your Dream Business Tele-Series call.  I’m going to pick her brain about virtual dream teams. If you are wondering how to get the right team for your business, you want to be on this call!  Register for FREE at

So, what do you think?  Is posting events like this on the blog helpful to you?  Let me know.

After the event implementation has begun.

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 | Business Events for Coaches, Implementation planning, Marketing Strategies with No Comments »

Hey everyone!

As you may know, I was out for the last two weeks as I attended Marketing to Millionaires and did some networking on the west coast.  It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful I decided to embark on this journey.  Although, I don’t think my brain has ever been so crammed full of information to process before!

First of all, at Marketing to Millionaires I got to meet some amazing people that I had only known via the internet and had a phone call or two with.  Meeting in person really made those relationships stronger and cemented several that will be long-lasting.  Not to mention, I met a lot of new people that I am now continuing to build relationships with.

Kelly taught us a lot about marketing to the affluent.  It’s a whole different ball game from the mass marketing that we all learned when we started our businesses.  It’s a different way of thinking when communicating with this group.  It also takes a much higher level of investment in the relationship.  I am now completely rethinking how I work with my current clients and how I will attract new clients as a result of this training.  Not only that, I have new positioning for my business and I’ll be rewriting my website content soon (stay tuned for more on this!).  It’s all VERY exciting!  For once in my career, I feel like I know exactly what I need to do to achieve what I want.  It’s awesome!

After the event, I arranged some time to meet up with others who weren’t attending.  I took my Project Manager, Carrie, with me so that she could meet one of our clients that she manages and others.  It was awesome to meet all these people in person.  I think we really strengthened our relationship with the client!  As for my other friends/colleauges it was great to meet up with them in person and find out what’s up with them.  I was also introduced to some amazing new people that I will continue to keep in contact with.

Oh, and then there was the day I was able to meet with my brother.  I only get to see  him once a year usually, and this year I got to see him twice!  It was great to hike in the woods, shoot a bow and arrow, and visit with his new furry friends at the house.

Needless to say, I truly enjoyed my trip. Now, I’m beginning to implement the strategies I learned from Kelly and I’m following up with the amazing contacts I made.  I now know that these kinds of events are totally worth it from a learning and networking standpoint.  I’ve grown HUGELY over the last two weeks and I have a commitment to my business that I’ve never had before.  If for no other reason, this was worth it!

Have you been to an event like this?  How has it changed your relationships and/or business?