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Comedy disarms the skeptic but outdated sales pages arm again.

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 | Copywriting with 2 Comments

I was reading a sales page marketing a coach’s group program the other day.  As I was reading the page I was intrigued by the copy.  It was personable and seemed to have it’s own unique flavor.  As a marketer, I know this comes from the coach having written his own copy.  So, I kept on reading (as I often do with coach pages…it’s my business to read them).  The weird part was, I WANTED to keep on reading.  Usually, I just kind of ho hum through coach pages and barely remember what I read.  I usually just look for marketing components to see if they are being used.

What I found fascinating about this particular page is that it had the typical components, but it didn’t SOUND like a typical sales page.  There were little comments that literally made me chuckle out loud.  There were statements that made me really look at whether he was talking to me or not.  There was an upbeat tone about it even though the coach was very clear and niched when it came to who he wanted to work with.

By the time I got to the bottom of the page, I really wanted to take advantage of the offer.  Unfortunately, the event he was marketing was dated 2004.  So, I couldn’t actually sign up (although all the pay buttons were still there, so I could have).

Do you hear that?  It’s sound of the trust bucket dumping upside down.  The entire page had my attention and I have to agree that comedy disarms.  The comedy in it is what completely disarmed me and allowed the trust to flow into my trust bucket.  Then came the date of the event and all of that was lost.  My major skepticism returned and I immediately thought….Is this guy even in business still?  I’m out!

So the moral of the story is…

1)  If you have the inkling to include comedy in your sales copy, then by all means do.  It DOES disarm even the worst of skeptics.  Don’t overdo it or TRY to create comedy.  Only use it if it’s naturally there…or you’ll dump everyones trust buckets.

2)  Take down your old sales pages when you are done, so no one accidently stumbles on them.  FYI - If you use WordPress you can set the old pages to “no follow”, “no archive”, “no index”, then search engines won’t be looking for it so people won’t stumble on it.

Have you found comedy disarms you?  Have you used your own sense of humor on a sales page?  What did you learn?  Leave a comment.  I want to hear from you.