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Kristen Interviewed About Trust Building with Women In Business Radio

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | Networking, Social Networking with No Comments »

microphoneI, personally, like to do interviews.  In fact, I’d rather do an interview than a tele-class.  It’s more fun for me because I have someone there probing me throughout.  I like being made to think on my feet.  I’m guessing it comes from my acting days when I had to be on my toes every performance because you never know would happen…especially if I was performing with a group that liked to do onstage pranks (don’t get me started!).

Anyway, through twitter I’ve been following Michele Price @properitygal for a couple years I think.  I’ve always liked what she posted and we’ve had a couple small convos which I appreciated.  So, when she asked if I would be a guest on her Women In Business Radio show, I was all for it!

Last Monday we had a very frank discussion about my road becoming the Trust Marketing Expert and what that means.  My favorite part was we didn’t have a script!  Yes, I know as an actor I should love having scripts.  However, in this world of business I much prefer to be myself and not “act” a part.  So, I MUCH prefer to be offscript and candid.

Michele made it easy.  She asked some great questions that got me thinking on the spot.  She got some great off the cuff answers from me that I would’ve never thought to give had she not caught me off guard.  Truly, it was a fun interview and we had a good time doing it.  So, if you’d like to tune in listen to the interview by clicking here.

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