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Door-to-door sales rocks

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 | Marketing Strategies with 3 Comments

salesmanDid your head just spin reading that?  Are you thinking I’m going to tell to you start doing door-to-door sales?  Don’t worry.  Door-to-door sales is not the latest, greatest way to go about your marketing…although it can prove useful.  The story I share below is intended to be a way to choose marketing strategies that will work for you.

In August, I’ll be co-hosting an event locally with a business coach.  We’re combining our talents for a small workshop/seminar.  First off, we decided to do this event because we both wanted to grow our local lists.

Key #1 to a successful marketing strategy is to know exactly what outcome you want.

From there we decided what marketing strategies we would use to promote the event.  Knowing that personal relationships create the best conversion, we knew we’d have to go out and meet people.  So, of course networking events were part of our plan.  Our target market is wellness businesses and we know that most owners of wellness businesses are busy either running the business or taking care of clients…sometimes both!  So, they don’t attend many networking meetings.  We knew we’d have to reach them where they worked.  So, it made sense to knock on office doors and personally invite them to the event with a flyer (and if we could get it, a convo about what they would get from attending).

Key #2 to a successful marketing strategy is knowing who your target market is
AND how to best reach them.

So, a couple weeks ago I hopped in my car (on one of the few relatively cool days we’ve had this summer) and knocked on doors of wellness businesses.  I was nervous.  As a Singer/Actress I’m used to those kind of nerves.  I get them just before I step on stage and this was like opening night jitters which are always worse.  I couldn’t find the first couple of offices which made me even more nervous.  Then I stepped into one where they actually introduced me to the business manager.  He was hugely busy and said he couldn’t talk, so I quickly gave him the flyer, got his card and asked when would be a good time to call next week.  I was then ushered out the door.

Now for some people that would’ve been discouraging or it might’ve been a downer.   For me that just fired me up!  I got excited that I would get to call and talk to him the next week.   For some reason while I was visiting with this business owner I fell into a groove.  It was a familiar groove.  It was one where I felt comfortable.

So, I had some additional confidence moving on to other offices.  Again, more I couldn’t find.  Some with just a business card out front and no receptionist to greet me.  Others I got to talk to partnering business owners.

I had a personal conversation with a dance studio owners daughter about getting into some adult dance classes and finding a voice coach that was local.  She had some connections and we shared some stories of the professional world.  It was a great convo on a personal level.  At the end, the Mother mentioned the partnering business owner (for the fitness business next door) struggled with marketing and business operations.  She said she’d definitely recommend our workshop/seminar.  How fun!  A personal convo ended up turning into a recommendation.

By this point I was totally high.  Again, it was a familiar and comfortable high that I had been missing.  At the time I didn’t realize what was happening but now that I look back on it I get it.  It was just like performing for me.  Instead of being a character though, all I had to do was be me.  My infectious, bubbly personality along with my curiosity about businesses was getting me in the door.  I was just having fun meeting new people (which is a favorite pass time of mine)!  I needed to know what I wanted to get across (a script), be in the moment and let the convo (scene) take its course.  That recipe was a great one for acting and it works for marketing!

Okay, so you might be wondering what my point is here.  Here’s the deal.  Your personality, experience and things you enjoy are all HUGE assets in marketing.  Use them!  Stop listening to what strategies you’re “supposed” to do and start experimenting with things that sound interesting and will get you what you want.  Try something new and different.  You never know when it will pay off.  I’m still following up with some of the people I met via phone, but just getting out there and meeting people juiced me up so I had the confidence and energy to get on the phone and follow-up (which I dreaded before I did this little experiment).

Key #3 to a successful marketing strategy is choose a strategy that fits who you are.

Your turn!  What strategies are you going to try that fit who YOU are?

Why Tie-Dye

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 | Differentiation with 4 Comments

When you are representing your business, do you have a way of standing out?  In this day and age there are a lot of people entering the coaching world.  If you want to be successful in this larger world of coaching, then you must differentiate. You need to find something that people will remember so they quickly and easily refer to you later on.

I have recently created a strategy for local networking meetings to get me noticed.  So I stand out and am memorable to those I meet.  What’s the strategy?  Tie-dye!  It took a bit of courage at first, but I always tell my clients to capitalize on who they are.  I have to follow my own advice, so I’m going against the rules and using tie-dye to get more noticed.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go out and purchase tie-dye clothes or even change what you wear to networking meetings.  It’s not just about the tie-dye.  It’s about using who you are to create a powerful, memorable marketing strategy that gets people wanting more conversation. You want that, don’t you?

Here’s the story of how all this came to pass and how it fits with my marketing strategy.

KristenTieDye Yup, that’s me bowling on my birthday!  My Husband started a tradition of wearing tie-dye in college.  After we got married and I got used to the idea, I started wearing tie-dye too.  Come to find out, I actually LOVE wearing tie-dye.  Hubby and I are kinda known for our tie-dye which is fun.  We’ve got family members wearing it and when we lived in the country the whole town knew us as “The Tie-Dye Couple”.  We wear tie-dye so much we get questioned when we don’t wear tie-dye.

Now that we live in a metro area, I’ve been networking a lot more.  At first I’d go through my closet and look for something to wear.  I looked at all my professional clothes and go…eh.  None of it thrilled me.  I really didn’t want to wear it.  For some reason it just didn’t seem right.  So after a few meetings of being tired of my business casual clothes, I decided to shake things up a little and I wore a tie-dye shirt.  I dressed it up a bit with a khaki blazer, business casual pants and shoes.  To my surprise, not one person looked at me funny.

Have you ever done this with your marketing materials?  Thought you had to stay within the framework you were given with packages, sales pages or e-mail messages, only to get poor results because YOU weren’t in it?

Of course my brain started ticking.  Hmmm….what if I made this my uniform for business meetings?!  How fun would that be?!  Then I started to really think about it in terms of branding.  Okay, it’s fun, but does it work with my branding?  Low and behold, it does!!  Let me count the ways:

1) I have a bright and bubbly personality. I mean, I call myself a life enthusiast and I live up to that name.  I DO enjoy life!  To the point that people give me that “no one can be THAT happy,” brush off at times.   I don’t mind.  If they can’t hack my happy, sunny personality then too bad.  That’s the way I look at it.  Anyway, if you think about it…um, tie-dye can be pretty bright.  It’s fun too. So, it matches who I am as a person.  Awesome!  Where are you including your personality in your marketing?  People trust those they can relate to most. Share who you are!  Share your hobbies, interests and personality with your prospects and they’ll be more willing to PAY you.

2) Tie-dye stands out. How many people do you know show up to a business networking meeting in tie-dye?  I want to stand out in a crowd.  I want to be noticed so people will remember me.  Not because I’m a Singer/Actress and like to be the center of attention (okay, maybe a little).  Mostly because I want people to say “Remember the one in the tie-dye shirt?  Go talk to her.”   If they remember me, they will refer me.

3) I help others stand out. My goal in local networking is to promote the differentiation work I do with clients.  Let’s add that in to the fact that I stand out and now it goes something like this… “Remember the one in the tie-dye shirt?  She stands out in a crowd and helps others do the same.  Go talk to her.”   That’s exactly what I want people saying!

So it totally paid off to marry a tie-dye wearing man.  He’s awesome in other ways too, but this isn’t about my very sweet and cool Hubby.  This is about branding.  I found something that matches who I am and helps people GET what I do.  When you start there marketing is fun, easy and gets attention.

People trust those they can relate to most.  Share who you are!  Share your hobbies, interests and personality with your prospects and they’ll be more willing to PAY you.

It’s your turn now!  I challenge you to infuse more of yourself into your marketing. This is your chance to model to your clients how being “who they are” pays off.  I guarantee you the more you put  yourself out there as “you,” the more appropriate potential clients will line up to buy what you have to offer.

Share your story by leaving a comment.  How are you going to infuse more of yourself into your marketing?

Kristen Beireis
Trust Marketing Expert