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Trust and You Will Be Trusted

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 | Copywriting, Trust Marketing with No Comments »

In order to understand why and how people get to a place of trusting someone, you have to experience being skeptical.  Then take note of what makes you move through that skepticism and allow what’s on the other side to help you.   I practice this frequently, because I’ve decided that I don’t want my skeptical nature to stop me from doing things I really want to do.

As an example…I’ve been DYING to go on a retreat this year.  An opportunity came to have a mastermind retreat in my neck of the woods.  In order to make it happen, I organized renting a house together in an unfamiliar area with a group of people I’ve never met face to face.  *gulp*  I was the one organizing the house rental, fee collection etc…  Of course, my skeptical brain was thinking…I don’t know these people, what makes me think they are going to pay up?  We’re going on retreat to have open, honest communication…I don’t know these people, can I really open up to them?  *gulp*  Did I arrange it?  You betcha!!!  I trusted my instincts to want a retreat and seize this opportunity.  I trusted that the online connection I’d had (which totally stimulated me) was worth grabbing onto and getting more of.  I trusted that I am resourceful enough to deal with whatever comes of it.  I trusted that I could find safety when I needed it.

Even as I’m writing this blog post my skeptical/fearful saboteur is saying “Hey, um, are you sure you want to put it out into the world that you are willing to get together in the middle of the woods with strangers?”  No, I’m not sure.  What I am sure of is that there are some people who need to read the story to help them understand what I will say later in this post.  I’m trusting that people will learn from my story.  I’m trusting that if no one hears from me after the end of July, that someone will come looking for me.

In order for you to trust me, I have to trust that you can handle the story.

As a coach, it’s your job to move clients through the skepticism and fear to the other side where wonderful things await them.   When you’re trying to get someone to commit to your services, you don’t want them to be moving through the skepticism.  “You want them to be sold on the benefits.” Ok, yes, that’s what the marketing gurus tell you.  I disagree.

Here’s the deal, you’re a coach and you are selling a relationship with you.  If you’re all rainbows and puppies in your marketing, then clients will expect that when they get on the phone with you.  If you tell them, I’m going to push you and make it sound like rainbows and puppies, then they’ll still expect it to be rainbows and puppies in a relationship with you.  You have to represent what they will get when they work with you, otherwise you’ll have very confused potential clients who won’t trust you the moment they start talking to you on the phone.  If it’s not rainbows and puppies, then don’t sell rainbows and puppies.

Oh wait, but you don’t want to scare them away!!!

Just as I have to trust you can handle my story, in order to get potential clients to trust you-you have to trust them.  When you’re coaching you hold them as naturally, creative, resourceful and whole.  Right?

Do you trust them to be that when making the buying decision?

Do you trust they can make their own decisions about what they want when you’re writing your marketing materials?

Do you trust they can make their own decisions about what they want when you are designing your teleclasses, speaking and/or going to networking meetings?

Or are you assuming you have to help them find it in the sales/sample call?

Re-read those questions and think about it for a minute or two…really…do you?

You could be missing out on opportunities to challenge potential clients to look past what they know and feel comfortable with.  You could be challenging them to step up, take action and do something…before they get on the phone with you.

What skepticism did you have about taking the same step your asking them to take?

What helped you move through it?

What was more powerful than the fear?

Where did you have to dig to get the courage?

Help your potential clients look there too.  Use your writing to help them understand that you “get it” and know where they are.  Share your struggles of moving beyond that point.  Use your marketing to help them move through the skepticism.  Just in case you didn’t notice skepticism is also fear and the saboteur.  Speak to their soul, pull out their courage, and demand that they step up.  Do this, and you’ll be talking to more of the right clients.

I’ve learned to move through skepticism and I’ve been willing to risk falling flat on my face.   Every time, I have grown, learned and changed from the experience…good or bad.  It’s your turn to let go of what you are supposed to say in your marketing and start trusting your potential clients can handle.  You could when you were in their position.  Right?

So, what’s one thing you are going to trust about your potential clients?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.