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Clients don’t show up overnight

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 | Coaching Industry, Marketing, Marketing Strategies with 4 Comments

overnightI keep seeing headlines, posts, e-mail etc… that claim you can fill your coaching practice in 30 days or a week or less.  These claims drive me batty, because not every coach can truly make this happen.  Sorry to be the party pooper here, but it’s true.

I’ve watched countless coaches pay thousands of dollars on these programs only to come out with no more clients than they’ve been getting.  It really pisses me off to watch coaches throw their money away because someone claimed there was a quick fix.

Allow me to dispel the myths and set you on a more realistic path.

MythIt only takes 30 days to fill your practice.

Truth - It ultimately depends on where you are in your business and what you’ve been doing all along.  Most coaches haven’t been consistently marketing.  These 30 day programs give you some structure to help you market consistently for 30 days.  So, if you’ve been marketing for years, then ok, maybe it can boost your clientele.  However, if you’ve been on again, off again, it will likely take more than 30 days of consistency to start reaping the benefits. Marketing takes six months to a year to start paying off.

Myth - All you have to do is implement one marketing strategy and your business will take off.

Truth - Marketing is a process.  People buy when they have a need and when they trust someone enough to hire them.  No single marketing strategy can do that. However, consistently using several strategies, along with presenting something new/different will grow your business.

Myth - Any one marketing strategy will work for everyone.

Truth - Everyone has their own way of working within marketing.  A strategy that works for one person may not match who  you are and how you work.  Therefore, it will not work for you.  You need to match marketing strategies with who you are, where your target marketing hangs out and what they respond to most.  This is not something that someone else can hand feed you.  You have to do the work of digging in and figuring out who you are in marketing, before you know if a strategy will work for you.

So, the moral of the story is…some coaches are ready for the “boost your biz in 30 days” programs.  While many more need to do some other work first, before it can really help them reach their goals.

What other myths are there?  Leave a comment or connect with me personally on my website at .