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You get to design the relationship.

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 | Coaching Concepts Applied to Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Trust Marketing with No Comments »

shaking-hands-911615-mWhen I was in coach training we talked a lot about “Designing the Alliance”.  We learned about how to create the relationship in a way that honors the clients’ needs, sets the tone, and defines the coaching relationship.  Doing this up front creates commitment and boundaries.

The relationship you have with your clients doesn’t start at the point they put money on the table and commit to working with you.  It starts from the first moment they meet you, see you online, run into your website or have someone recommend you.

So, that designed alliance needs to be front and center in all your marketing.  What kind of relationship are you creating?  What can you do to set it up from the first meet?

Think of it this way.  Every time someone gets an experience of you, it’s a chance to design the alliance.  So, as you write your copy, give notes to your copywriter, design your website, put together you printed materials (or any other marketing materials) think about the tone it’s setting.  Does it match the relationship you’d like to create?

Look at each step in your marketing from first meet to signing up.  How can you add in expectations for the relationship?  Who do you need to be in words/video etc… to create that relationship?

By starting to give an experience and/or definition of the relationship you want to create from the very beginning, you’re creating a consistent experience for potential clients.  This will build their trust in you and when they see that commitment form, they’ll already have buy in.

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