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There is no magic formula

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 | Coaching Concepts Applied to Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Trust Marketing with No Comments »

emc2formulaWhen it comes to choosing what to do in marketing, most clients come to me wanting me to tell them the absolute most effective, right things that the best marketers and experts do in marketing.   No one wants to reinvent the wheel.  Everyone wants to spend the least amount of time figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

I’m sorry to inform you that you need to take some time to figure out what works for you.  While there are great processes, procedures, scripts and programs to follow out there, it has to be a fit for you.  This is how thousands of dollars get wasted on marketing training every year.

Just as in our lives we all have to find our own path and our way of moving through life, the same applies to marketing.  So, how do you go about that?  Well, you first look at the options.  What do you want to learn about marketing? (Notice I didn’t ask what you need to know.)

Now, take a look at what marketing has been easiest for you. Marketing that gets done without a problem.  Marketing you don’t procrastinate on.  What about it makes it easy?  What motivates you to do it?  These are important factors to look for when choosing what to learn or move into next with marketing.

Now that you know what’s going to work for you, look for a Teacher/program/product that promises to include those types of marketing strategies.

There is no magic formula that’s going to make your marketing bring in millions of dollars tomorrow. However, there is a way of working in marketing that fits you best.  Trust it and make choices from that place.  Look for trainings that match and you won’t waste your money.

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