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Integrity comes from within

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 | Differentiation with No Comments »

If I pay attention to my competitors and try to play in marketing like they do, I’d have to make promises like “make 6 figures” and “get the blueprint to end all marketing blueprints”  etc…

Hundred Bill Corners

Out of integrity, I can’t say those things in my marketing.  I don’t believe I can make you a 6 figure coach or give you the plan that’s going to skyrocket your business to success.  Don’t take that the wrong way!  I DO believe in my talents, skills and abilities, they just aren’t put together to take you from zero to $100,000 overnight.  It’s not what I do and I own that.

Are you owning who you are in your marketing?  Do you take people from zero to sixty in 3-6 months?  Or are you like me and believe that slow and steady wins the race?  Or are you somewhere else?  What can you promise and still be in integrity?

Don’t tromp on your own integrity because someone said you had to.

If you are learning marketing from someone and it feels icky, then you are tromping on your own integrity and your own values.

What DO you offer that’s of value and can help people?  What is your process?  What are you willing to promise up front?  Don’t write out your claims the way you were told to.  Write them out the way you want to.  Integrity comes from within you.  Don’t let anyone determine what’s in integrity for you.

I see my role, as a Marketing Coach & Consultant, as an opportunity to set up a strong marketing foundation that will grow with the business.  It’s my job to make sure my clients have the tools needed to make wise choices, keep their sanity and move forward in marketing with confidence.  While that’s not as showy as a six figure business, there are people who know they want what I have to offer.  They relate to my wording and they check me out because I’m different that the usual Marketing Coach/Consultant.

Be different. Be YOU.