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Do you guest post?

Thursday, December 4th, 2008 | Blogging with 4 Comments

Recently, I was asked by a really cool guy, I know to guest post on his blog.  His name is Joe (  Joe who wants to revolutionize the corporate world with social network.  I support anyone who is on the path of revolutionizing something!  Joe asked me if I was willing to do a guest post on his blog and I was happy to do so!  Why?  For a few reasons.

1) Because he asked. I’m all about helping my online friends.  It usually comes back to me in ways I would’ve never guessed, so I’m willing.

2) Because he gave me a topic. I hate coming up with topics for other people’s blogs, so I simply asked if he could give me an idea of what he’d like me to talk about.  He asked me to discuss ROI in social networking…boy do I have some opinions about that!  It was a breeze to write from there.

3) Because it’s exposure. Any time I can get my name out in front of a new group of people, I’m all for it.  Now, usually I like it to be a lot more targeted to my particular target market, but I made an exception for Joe, because I really do enjoy his outlook.

If you are looking to have guest posters on your blog, take a look at my reasoning above.  There are things that many people want when they guest post.  So, make sure you are meeting them where they are.

Do you do guest posts on other blogs?  If so, what makes you say “yes.”  If not, are you interested?  What will get you started?  Leave a comment and let us know.

Seven Facts About Me

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 | Blogging with 1 Comment

I have just been challenged by Sandra DeFreitas over at to share 7 things that may be weird or unusual about me.  Now, you may be wondering why I would participate in a “blog game” on a professional blog.  Here’s why; it’s a great way for readers to get to know me.  I’ll be very transparent here.  I want readers of my blog to be clients.  Sharing little known facts helps them get to know who I am, therefore creating a relationship.  When they are ready for my services, they feel like they already know and trust me, making them a client that already knows they want to work with me. Okay, and if I’m being really honest…it’s a fun little distraction on Thanksgiving week!

So, without delaying any further, here are my seven things!

1)  I’m a total geek!  Yes, my husband and I go to pre-release tournaments for Magic: The Gathering.  Can you say “Two-Headed Giant”?  If you don’t know what that means, that’s okay.  I realize my readers are probably not as into Magic as I am.

2)  I’m an electronic gadget nut.  I’ve asked Santa to bring me an iPod Touch for Christmas.  I can’t wait to play with all the apps, flipping the screen, games, music etc… it gets me jumping up and down for joy just thinking about it!  woo hoo!

3)  I collect musical instruments when I travel.  When I went to mexico I picked up marracas, drums and all sorts of other instruments.  Instruments that are hand made right there.

4)  I collect ceramic masks.  I’ve been collecting since I was 13 or 14.  I have all sorts, from jesters, to plain comedy/tragedy, to a cat and so forth….

5)  I’m a travel geek.  Before we go on vacation, I study the travel books, learning the lay of the land and the sites.  When we get to our destination, I can tell you exactly where we are and what’s around us, without looking at the book.  I know my way around so well, I’ve had locals ask me; “Have you been here before?”

6)  I am in love with marketing.  I actually enjoy every part of the marketing process.  I love learning new strategies, playing with them, and finding what’s effective.  I love creating my own marketing and sending itout in the world.  It’s an ongoing experiment that I enjoy (unlike science experiments … *blech*).

7)  I’m a people watcher.  Yes, I’m one of those weird people who enjoys sitting at the mall, watching people shop, talk and engage with those around them.  I make up stories about people and why they are there, or who they are with.  It’s a game that I’ve played since childhood.  It’s fascinating to me.

Here are blogs I recommend, and their authors who I challenge to share seven things:

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For my fellow bloggers:

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• Share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some weird.

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Consistency Is Out The Window

Thursday, September 28th, 2006 | Blogging, Business Life with No Comments »

Hey everyone!

Quick post this week and late, even.  I’ve heard many a time that a blog must be consistent to be worthwhile.  Well, you know what?  This month, consistency is out the window.  Why?  Well, I and my clients became a priority over the blog.  I made a choice and I stuck to it.  The best part is that I won’t be posting for 2-3 more weeks.  May the blog Gods strike me down!  You see, I’ve been gearing up to be away from my business for two weeks while I move into a new home with my husband.  I decided that it was more important to get my apartment ready to move and my clients taken care of so they’d be okay while I was gone.  To me, that’s more important than keeping up with my blog.  Yes, I care about my blog readers and I want to continue spreading information amongst the Coaching community.  So, as soon as I am settled and ready to gear up for the next round of blogging.  I will return.  Until then, I wish you all great success in your business.   Allow the inconsistency.  Breathe, relax and enjoy your time with your business!!