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One brand breeds clarity for potential clients

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 | Branding with No Comments »

As a coach you help people find who they are, hold them accountable for being that person, and challenge them to continue growing into themselves.  I believe this is true, no matter what kind of coach you are.  Most likely, your clients are not be aware that they’ll get all that.  However, they do get a “sense” that they want clarity in one way or another.

Now, imagine you were looking for clarity.  You see an interesting title of someone in a networking room that you’d like to approach about helping you.  When you first speak to this person, they tell you their name is Heather.  You start talking about the clarity you seek and Heather then says, oh in that case call me Jennifer.  Then you talk a little more and she changes her name to Kerrie.  How would you feel at this point?  Would you be ready to hire Heather, Jennifer, Kerrie?  Sounds like she doesn’t have clarity about who SHE is so how can she help YOU have clarity?

This is exactly what I see on the internet all over the place.  A coach has one website with their coaching services.  Then each product has it’s own brand, is on it’s own website and has NO relation back to the original site where the coach offers their most valuable services.  When you have multiple brands, you create one of two illusions for potential clients;

1)  This coach ONLY has this product and I want something more.  Guess I need to go to a different coach for that.

2)  This coach has a lot of different brands, which one is the REAL coach?

Neither is an impression that’s going to lead to increased sales or more clients!  Now, I’m not saying you have to ditch all your additional domains and take down all your additional products/services.  In fact, it’s GREAT to have those domains and utilize them for SEO purposes.  Of course, I suspect you already know that value of having those additional sites, or you would never have put them into place.

What I’m talking about here is consistent branding. I’m talking about creating an identity for your business that is consistent regardless of what product or service you sell.  At a BARE MINIMUM, at least put a link from the sales page back to your main website.  Ideally, brand your sales pages to match your main website.  Use a similar template.  You don’t need to include all the links back to other pages on your site, but use a header that looks the same.  Use the same background color, the same fonts, the same colors.  Make sure it’s OBVIOUS that this product is created by the same person who owns your main site.  Make the link back to your main site obvious, so they can research who you are.  They’ll be more willing to buy if they can research you.

I have to say, I’m getting really tired of blank white boxes that have text and product pictures for a sales page.  They all look the same!  If your sales page looks identical to every one elses, you will NOT stand out.  You are a coach and your uniqueness needs to shine through in anything you put on the internet. Your potential clients will appreciate the consistency and the clarity you have about yourself.  They will admire it and want that for themselves…which is way more powerful than any text you can put on the page.

What are your thoughts?  Is one brand enough for you?

Thank your prospects and speed up the buying process.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 | Branding with 2 Comments

I hear the word branding thrown around all over the place and sometimes it can get really confusing as to WHY branding is so important.  Let me put it this way.  Each time you get your logo, branding colors, business name etc… in front of your prospective clients, the more you will stick in their mind.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the saying “you have to get in front of someone 7 times in order for them to remember you.”  On the internet I’ve heard numbers like 16 and 18!  What would happen if you got in front of the same prospect 7 times with 7 different brands?  Would they remember you?  NO!

Branding is a HUGE part of attracting clients and in order for it to work, you MUST be consistent. This is why I make it a point to look at those little itty bitty details that can add up to huge client attraction!  Have you ever signed up for a free teleclass?  Remember how there was a page that thanked you for signing up.  It may have had sign up details or information about the opt-in e-mail you were about to receive.  You’ve seen these hundreds of times.  You may even have created them for your own systems.  Great!!  Every coach needs to make sure those “Thank You” pages are custom made and branded with their logo.  In some systems that’s TWO times you get your brand in front of the potential client.  Think about all the times you ask people to sign up for something free.

NOTE: Be sure to include a thank you message in your follow-up campaign that ALSO includes the specific information requested.  This is IMPERATIVE as those who are already in your system, will likely NOT have to opt-in again, therefore they skip that “Confirmation Success” page.

Here’s a story problem for you (I HATE math, but this is the kind of math that makes me smile!):

You have 3 sign up forms for freebies either on your website or with joint ventures.  Your prospective client signs up for all three at different times over a month or two.  The first freebie has two branded “Thank You” pages that match the branding on your website.  The second and third freebies expose your prospective client to one branded “Thank You” page.  How many times have you just gotten your brand in front of that prospective client?

hmmm…  2+1+1 = 4

Look at how easy that is to get in front of them 4 times!!  It’s just a matter of a couple pages being added to your website.  You can even create a generic page that says something like “Thank you for providing your information…” and tell them to expect that opt-in e-mail.  You can use that for every form on your website.  Then you can create a unique “Confirmation Success” page that thanks them for confirming and provides all the information they requested.

Just this ONE little thing could easily bring you faster results for all the client attraction work you do through forms on your website.  Coaches pay the big bucks for marketing systems that automate.  Don’t skip the most important piece!  Use every possible customization you can find!  Get that consistent branding to your prospective clients as often as you possibly can!

So, what are your thoughts?  Do you customize all the pages in your e-mail campaign system?  Or do you just use the system pages?