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Integrity comes from within

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 | Differentiation with No Comments »

If I pay attention to my competitors and try to play in marketing like they do, I’d have to make promises like “make 6 figures” and “get the blueprint to end all marketing blueprints”  etc…

Hundred Bill Corners

Out of integrity, I can’t say those things in my marketing.  I don’t believe I can make you a 6 figure coach or give you the plan that’s going to skyrocket your business to success.  Don’t take that the wrong way!  I DO believe in my talents, skills and abilities, they just aren’t put together to take you from zero to $100,000 overnight.  It’s not what I do and I own that.

Are you owning who you are in your marketing?  Do you take people from zero to sixty in 3-6 months?  Or are you like me and believe that slow and steady wins the race?  Or are you somewhere else?  What can you promise and still be in integrity?

Don’t tromp on your own integrity because someone said you had to.

If you are learning marketing from someone and it feels icky, then you are tromping on your own integrity and your own values.

What DO you offer that’s of value and can help people?  What is your process?  What are you willing to promise up front?  Don’t write out your claims the way you were told to.  Write them out the way you want to.  Integrity comes from within you.  Don’t let anyone determine what’s in integrity for you.

I see my role, as a Marketing Coach & Consultant, as an opportunity to set up a strong marketing foundation that will grow with the business.  It’s my job to make sure my clients have the tools needed to make wise choices, keep their sanity and move forward in marketing with confidence.  While that’s not as showy as a six figure business, there are people who know they want what I have to offer.  They relate to my wording and they check me out because I’m different that the usual Marketing Coach/Consultant.

Be different. Be YOU.

Success is more than a number

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 | Coaching Concepts Applied to Marketing, Differentiation, Marketing, Marketing Balance, Marketing Strategies, Trust Marketing with No Comments »

calculator on banknotesSo, how many clients have you had clarify what the definition of success is for them?   There are countless definitions, aren’t there?

I know a lot of people who are working towards 6-figure success.  This seems to be a big definition for marketing/business success these days.  It’s great to have a number and all, but what does that look like? Does it look like owning a team of people who run your business while you gallivant around the world speaking?  Does it look like vacations around business trips?   Or does it look like lounging around between clients, while your business runs itself?

It’s easy to get caught up in all the frenzy around creating a number.  However, it’s hugely important to know what it’s going to look like for you. Success is more than a number.  In terms of business, it usually has to do with lifestyle. We go for 6-figures (or 7) because that’s supposed to bring us a certain lifestyle.

I’ve been there.  I wanted to be a Broadway star and I wanted to earn 6-figures in business.  I went for it both times.  What I forgot to look at was what it will take to get there and what it will really look like when I get there.   Two things you don’t want to forget when reaching a goal, right?

It’s so easy to forget when it comes to business.  Especially with everyone throwing around that success is a 6-figure income. What’s your definition of success?  Does it match what it’s going to take to get there and stay there?

What does your marketing look like?  What will you have to do and what will you need others to do?  How much time and energy will it take, from you, to be the owner of that dream? Don’t guess!  Find out for real.  Then determine if you still want to shoot for your definition of success or if you need to revamp and create a completely different goal.

This article is part of a series about how to use coaching concepts you already know to make marketing easier.  If you are interested in having the full collection of articles, you can download “The Coaches’ Guide to Easier Marketing” at

Do it anyway

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 | Coaching Concepts Applied to Marketing, Differentiation, Marketing, Marketing Strategies with No Comments »

This is one of my favorite coaching concepts from my early days working with a coach.  I’ve always kind of been a “do it anyway” kind of person.  I mean, I went to NYC to become a Broadway star and didn’t even have an acting degree. At the same time, stepping away from that career was a HUGE feat to do it anyway.   I honestly didn’t know if I could survive.  I did it anyway and became stronger because of it!

Do you have a “do it anyway” story?  It’s scary, right?  We never know what’s going to happen.  We hope something great comes of it, but those saboteurs just make it sound like the world will crash around us.

A lot of my clients get scared at some point in our work together.  They come up with some great way of putting themselves out there as a coach.  They get really excited about it and know that they can be more powerful if they just moved forward on it.  At the same time, those “You can’t do that!” messages pop up in their head.

woman-arms-outstretched-smallThat’s the moment when I challenge them to do it anyway.  When they do, it’s pretty amazing.  They go out and say or do something that they’ve never seen anyone do.  They stand in their power as a coach and they go after clients in a whole new way.  Then they come back to me and tell me of their adventures.  Sometimes it’s like magic and it worked out perfectly.  Other times, they found something else in the process and followed that….then it worked out perfectly.  Every single time they come back to me and say “That’s marketing?  It was too easy.”  That’s when you know you’re onto something.

So, regardless of the saboteur’s, do marketing in your own way.  Trust your ideas.  Trust your gut. See what happens.  You might just find the easy way to do marketing.

This article is part of a series about how to use coaching concepts you already know to make marketing easier.  If you are interested in having the full collection of articles, you can download “The Coaches’ Guide to Easier Marketing” at

3 Marketing Message Myths

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 | Differentiation, Trust Marketing with 1 Comment

computer_keyboardEvery business owner needs to get their marketing message clear, intriguing and differentiated.  Like it or not, it’s a fact!  It’s also a challenge when the service you provide is a highly personal one to the client.  When it comes to creating  a message for personal services you have to connect with the client on a deep level and give them something they are willing to pay for.  It’s a balancing act many businesses struggle with.  That’s why I feel it’s important to share messages about how to differentiate yourself in the market.

There are several myths that I see tripping up coaches and other personal transformation professionals.  Each of these myths can quickly get you off track and have potential clients going elsewhere…fast!  So, I want to point you in a helpful direction.  See if you have bought into any of the following myths.  Feel free to comment with your opinions at the end of the post.

Myth #1:  Using the correct marketing language will easily drive traffic your direction. “Marketing language” is not magic nor is it always useful.  When I started in the world of marketing, I copied all sorts of “money making” phrases that I thought would fill my business with eager clients.  I mixed and matched, I changed it up a bit and I added my own voice.  Did it get attention?  A little.  However, what really got attention was when I started talking about my own personal story and experience.  I started using MY language, straight from my own brain and heart.  Psst - if you are on a mission, this is most effective in connecting with those you are meant to help.

Why? Because you are unique in you’re own right.  Speaking from your heart will get more traction than using a formula. Therefore your combination and selection of words is unique.  So, why rely on someone else to tell you what to say.  Use your own unique way of speaking.  Remember, the goal is to get potential clients to trust you so they are willing to jump right in.  They will trust you more if they feel like they “know” you.  How can they know you or trust you when you aren’t being authentic in your communications?

Myth #2:  Keep it professional. I know I just said speak from your heart.   Now, I’m saying to keep it professional? Many people feel these two things cannot co-exist and I beg to differ.  You can be personal and use your heart to guide your words.  As long as you stay on a topic that is professional, then you’re fine.

Now, that’s not to say that you’re forbidden from sharing your personal life.  People respond to personal information. By personal information, I’m not saying share the fight you had with your significant other last night.  I’m saying, share some hobbies or things you like to do outside your business.  Relate it back to your business and make connections wherever you can.  Know that in sharing a piece of who you are outside your business, you are allowing people to connect with you in a different way.  They may just start asking for your business help, because they can relate to your personal interests. This is why you’ll find me sharing my love for acting, my addiction to “American Idol” and stories of game days or BBQ’s at my house.  It starts a conversation.

Myth #3:  It’s best to have a Professional Copywriter write for me. While a professional copywriter can write your copy from scratch, however, it won’t have as much power or draw as it would coming from you.

If you really want to get the biggest bang for your buck…write the original copy from your own heart and then send it to a copywriter to spiff it up and enhance the effectiveness.  A great copywriter will appreciate your unique spin and use most of your language with a few pertinent changes they know will get you better results.

Over time, they might start to get a feel for the way you speak and start to write some for you, however, I always recommend at least writing a few paragraphs from your own language in order for the copywriter to do their best work.  Your language and your thoughts about your business change over time.  What might be your language today is not going to be the same in 3 months. That’s why I always suggest that you start with your own original copy.

So, where you are going to start with getting your own unique thoughts into the world?

Why Tie-Dye

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 | Differentiation with 4 Comments

When you are representing your business, do you have a way of standing out?  In this day and age there are a lot of people entering the coaching world.  If you want to be successful in this larger world of coaching, then you must differentiate. You need to find something that people will remember so they quickly and easily refer to you later on.

I have recently created a strategy for local networking meetings to get me noticed.  So I stand out and am memorable to those I meet.  What’s the strategy?  Tie-dye!  It took a bit of courage at first, but I always tell my clients to capitalize on who they are.  I have to follow my own advice, so I’m going against the rules and using tie-dye to get more noticed.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go out and purchase tie-dye clothes or even change what you wear to networking meetings.  It’s not just about the tie-dye.  It’s about using who you are to create a powerful, memorable marketing strategy that gets people wanting more conversation. You want that, don’t you?

Here’s the story of how all this came to pass and how it fits with my marketing strategy.

KristenTieDye Yup, that’s me bowling on my birthday!  My Husband started a tradition of wearing tie-dye in college.  After we got married and I got used to the idea, I started wearing tie-dye too.  Come to find out, I actually LOVE wearing tie-dye.  Hubby and I are kinda known for our tie-dye which is fun.  We’ve got family members wearing it and when we lived in the country the whole town knew us as “The Tie-Dye Couple”.  We wear tie-dye so much we get questioned when we don’t wear tie-dye.

Now that we live in a metro area, I’ve been networking a lot more.  At first I’d go through my closet and look for something to wear.  I looked at all my professional clothes and go…eh.  None of it thrilled me.  I really didn’t want to wear it.  For some reason it just didn’t seem right.  So after a few meetings of being tired of my business casual clothes, I decided to shake things up a little and I wore a tie-dye shirt.  I dressed it up a bit with a khaki blazer, business casual pants and shoes.  To my surprise, not one person looked at me funny.

Have you ever done this with your marketing materials?  Thought you had to stay within the framework you were given with packages, sales pages or e-mail messages, only to get poor results because YOU weren’t in it?

Of course my brain started ticking.  Hmmm….what if I made this my uniform for business meetings?!  How fun would that be?!  Then I started to really think about it in terms of branding.  Okay, it’s fun, but does it work with my branding?  Low and behold, it does!!  Let me count the ways:

1) I have a bright and bubbly personality. I mean, I call myself a life enthusiast and I live up to that name.  I DO enjoy life!  To the point that people give me that “no one can be THAT happy,” brush off at times.   I don’t mind.  If they can’t hack my happy, sunny personality then too bad.  That’s the way I look at it.  Anyway, if you think about it…um, tie-dye can be pretty bright.  It’s fun too. So, it matches who I am as a person.  Awesome!  Where are you including your personality in your marketing?  People trust those they can relate to most. Share who you are!  Share your hobbies, interests and personality with your prospects and they’ll be more willing to PAY you.

2) Tie-dye stands out. How many people do you know show up to a business networking meeting in tie-dye?  I want to stand out in a crowd.  I want to be noticed so people will remember me.  Not because I’m a Singer/Actress and like to be the center of attention (okay, maybe a little).  Mostly because I want people to say “Remember the one in the tie-dye shirt?  Go talk to her.”   If they remember me, they will refer me.

3) I help others stand out. My goal in local networking is to promote the differentiation work I do with clients.  Let’s add that in to the fact that I stand out and now it goes something like this… “Remember the one in the tie-dye shirt?  She stands out in a crowd and helps others do the same.  Go talk to her.”   That’s exactly what I want people saying!

So it totally paid off to marry a tie-dye wearing man.  He’s awesome in other ways too, but this isn’t about my very sweet and cool Hubby.  This is about branding.  I found something that matches who I am and helps people GET what I do.  When you start there marketing is fun, easy and gets attention.

People trust those they can relate to most.  Share who you are!  Share your hobbies, interests and personality with your prospects and they’ll be more willing to PAY you.

It’s your turn now!  I challenge you to infuse more of yourself into your marketing. This is your chance to model to your clients how being “who they are” pays off.  I guarantee you the more you put  yourself out there as “you,” the more appropriate potential clients will line up to buy what you have to offer.

Share your story by leaving a comment.  How are you going to infuse more of yourself into your marketing?

Kristen Beireis
Trust Marketing Expert