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Veruca Salt is in my head

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 | Business Life, Marketing, Marketing Balance, Trust Marketing with No Comments »

What’s your business dream?  Are you looking for the fastest way to get there?  If you’re anything like me.  You’re impatient.  I’ve always been a Veruca Salt kind of person.  You remember?  The spoiled brat in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.   Ok.  I may not literally go stomping around saying “I want it NOW!”  However, the little girl in my head does that quite frequently.

When my Veruca Salt rears her demanding head, it sends me out searching for the fastest path to get to my destination. The road that’s been proven and worked for other people.  The one with the easy to follow plan that will be exactly what I need to reach my goal.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to business.

For years, I gave into my Veruca Salt.  I fed her information, plans, easy to follow step-by-step workbooks. She ate every little bit of it up.  Yet, I still never reached my goal.  None of it got me where I wanted to go. Worst of all, I was really NOT enjoying these “plans” at all. While I may get a taste of success and enjoy that, the work to get there was draining every ounce of energy away.

That’s what happens when you go kicking and screaming down a path that isn’t yours to go down.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t get into business for yourself so that you could  do a whole bunch of tasks that drain your energy. I’m pretty sure you DID get into business to help people, have flexibility and enjoy your work more than you ever did in that JOB.

Why are we in such a hurry?

There are so many juicy experiences to have along the way.  The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that we get to create our own experience.  So, why are we in such a hurry to get to our end goal?  Why not enjoy the whole experience of growing our business?

Yes, there are bills to pay and there’s income to bring in.  There’s the income you can bring in today and there’s the ultimate income.  You’ll never get to the ultimate income if you don’t bring in something today.  Again, why are we in such a hurry?  Slow down.

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I didn’t jump head first into eating 1600 calories a day, walking a minimum of 5000 steps a day, doing 2 90 minute cardio events every week, getting off the couch to go somewhere every day or eating 15-13 grams of starch carb per meal.  Doesn’t that sound daunting?  That’s a lot do all at once!

I started with a focus.  Eat only 30-45 grams of carbs per meal.  In 3 months, I lost 15 pounds.  So, I added a new focus, move more.  After 4 years of adding in one focus at a time, I’m down 60 pounds, off my blood pressure meds and my numbers are below Diabetic levels.  Some people try to lose 60 pounds in a year.  I took 3.5 years.  I hear people talk about how hard it was to give up their favorite foods and work their bodies all the time. I enjoyed my journey.  I never felt like I was giving up anything or doing more than my body wanted to do.  I just did it and it was fun.

I apply the same philosophy to my business.  It’s taken me longer to get here than I would’ve liked, but I prefer to have my business and enjoy my life around it too.  What’s your preference?  Get there fast or enjoy the ride?

Shiny Object Syndrome Always Gets Me Down

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 | Marketing, Marketing Balance, Marketing Strategies, Uncategorized with No Comments »

questionfacebookadYou know the lyric “Rainy days and mondays always get me down.”  While those two things rarely get me down, what DOES get me down is Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS).  You’ve probably heard of this syndrome, but do you really know what it means?

Have you ever had a colleague who was working on a marketing project and added something new to it?  Their language may be something like “I just heard of this really great new way to boost my results, so I’m adding it into my upcoming campaign.”   This is the first symptom of SOS.

When I was doing Virtual Assistant work, a lot of my clients were going through website updates.  As the person who was in charge of implementing the changes, I was happy to do whatever my clients asked.  So, I’d get started.  A week into the project, I’d get an e-mail about some website they found with information on how to make their website more effective and they would ask me to add that in.  Another week into the project, they’d hear from a marketing guru that we need to change the orientation of a picture and I needed to change it.  Then two weeks later, there would be a rewrite on the text, because a new concept about how to write copy came out.  And this would happen throughout a project.

Here’s another example that seems extreme, but I see it frequently.  A coach is in the first year of their business and they want to learn everything they can about marketing.  They read some books, take some teleclasses, talk to some people who have been there and hire someone to help them get everything done.

All of this sounds smart doesn’t it?  Yes, it’s smart to research and add in things that will be more effective.  However, there’s a piece all these people missed that puts them in the Shiny Object Syndrome category.   WHY?  When I asked for a reason to make changes or why they hired someone to help them, the answer was “Because they said so.”

Shiny Object Syndrome is when you end up spending more time, energy and money because you kept looking for the next shiny object.

Each change I made as a VA cost my client money, because it meant more time on the project.  If you try several different new things in a marketing campaign, you won’t know which one worked.  If you’re constantly spending energy looking for something new, you’re not spending as much energy on the things that are already in place (and possibly working for you).

What drives me most crazy is that so many people are adding tons of things to their to-do list that might not even be something THEY, specifically, need to do.  If you are walking around looking for the next great shiny thing to do in your marketing, that is the first symptom.  Don’t let it get out of hand.  Ask why YOU should do it?  Make sure it’s a fit for you, your vision, your values and your focus before you commit to anything.

Routine does not define successful marketing.

Friday, June 12th, 2015 | Marketing, Marketing Balance with No Comments »

schedule-book-womanFor about 10 years, I worked with Temp Agencies.  I had several long-term positions (3 months or more) in that time.  Usually, these were cubicle jobs with specific duties that I was expected to accomplish.  After about a week in any of these positions, I’d settle into a routine based on when things would come through and how I was supposed to handle them.  After about 3 months in any of these positions, I would get bored.  Then I found myself changing up processes and flipping things around in my routine.  I wouldn’t do things the same way twice.

I did the same thing as a Substitute Music Teacher before that.  My least favorite job was the one that lasted 9 months!  Ugh!!  I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I was relieved when I wasn’t asked to return as the full-time Music Teacher the next year.  I just don’t do routine well…ok, I don’t do it well after 3 months.

One of the things I loved about being a Professional Singer/Actress on the east coast, was the unpredictability of my schedule and my days.  I think it’s a good thing that I never actually got to Broadway.  I’m not sure I could have handled 8 shows a week of the same show for 1-2 years.  Yikes!!!  I really LOVED doing a 15 show run (usually a one or two month run), but at the end I was always ready to move on to the next show.

When it comes to marketing in my business, I know a lot of people who have set routines where they queue up social media on one day, schedule their e-mails another day, make phone calls one day and spend time creating campaigns on another day.  Some have a morning routine of checking e-mails, making calls and reaching out to potential clients.  Ugh!  If I did that, I would’ve quit my business 3 months in…for sure.

I used to think that I HAD to have a set routine in order to be successful in my marketing.  I know consistency builds trust.  I struggled for a while trying to follow a marketing schedule.  I had a calendar, I marked what was going out when and I blocked off specific days (with objectives) to create my marketing.  Yeah, that didn’t last long…I don’t remember exactly how long it lasted, but I suspect it was probably only about 3 months.

At some point, I decided that I didn’t need to have a “routine”.  I just needed to be consistently marketing.  That’s when I gave myself a break.  While I have structured hours for business in a day, I stopped scheduling when I’d do marketing.  Instead I started creating Flex Days.  These are days where I can do whatever I want.  Sometimes that means marketing and I get way ahead. Sometimes it means that I get to read a book.  Sometimes it means learning a new song or organizing my office.  These are days that have no appointments and nothing I absolutely HAVE to do.  They are open time to do/be whatever I want to do/be.  I’m shocked at how much I get done on FlexDays.  I was afraid that I’d slack off, but my creativity comes on these days.  I’m open to whatever wants to flow and because of that, I consistently create marketing.

If you’re anything like me and routine is something you get bored with easily.  Give yourself a break.  Honor your non-routine nature and schedule in time to not have one!  See what happens.  Maybe FlexDays aren’t your thing.  Maybe there’s something else.  Open your heart to what will work best for you and stop trying to make your “round” self fit into a “square” peg.  Of course, if you need some help, I am great at helping people figure out what works for them.  I’d be happy to set up a consult.

What do you think about routines?  Must have or not so much?

Success is more than a number

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 | Coaching Concepts Applied to Marketing, Differentiation, Marketing, Marketing Balance, Marketing Strategies, Trust Marketing with No Comments »

calculator on banknotesSo, how many clients have you had clarify what the definition of success is for them?   There are countless definitions, aren’t there?

I know a lot of people who are working towards 6-figure success.  This seems to be a big definition for marketing/business success these days.  It’s great to have a number and all, but what does that look like? Does it look like owning a team of people who run your business while you gallivant around the world speaking?  Does it look like vacations around business trips?   Or does it look like lounging around between clients, while your business runs itself?

It’s easy to get caught up in all the frenzy around creating a number.  However, it’s hugely important to know what it’s going to look like for you. Success is more than a number.  In terms of business, it usually has to do with lifestyle. We go for 6-figures (or 7) because that’s supposed to bring us a certain lifestyle.

I’ve been there.  I wanted to be a Broadway star and I wanted to earn 6-figures in business.  I went for it both times.  What I forgot to look at was what it will take to get there and what it will really look like when I get there.   Two things you don’t want to forget when reaching a goal, right?

It’s so easy to forget when it comes to business.  Especially with everyone throwing around that success is a 6-figure income. What’s your definition of success?  Does it match what it’s going to take to get there and stay there?

What does your marketing look like?  What will you have to do and what will you need others to do?  How much time and energy will it take, from you, to be the owner of that dream? Don’t guess!  Find out for real.  Then determine if you still want to shoot for your definition of success or if you need to revamp and create a completely different goal.

This article is part of a series about how to use coaching concepts you already know to make marketing easier.  If you are interested in having the full collection of articles, you can download “The Coaches’ Guide to Easier Marketing” at

Find the Balance

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 | Marketing, Marketing Balance, Trust Marketing with No Comments »


As a coach, I’m sure you know all about the work/life balance issue so many people need help with.  You may even specialize in that.  The world definitely needs to learn where that balance is.

Even if you know what “balance” means and have accomplished it in life, it can be difficult to find it when it comes to marketing. I mean, there are certain things that just HAVE-TO get done, right?  Did you see that “have-to” in there?  We all know that’s a sign of toleration.  Toleration means that we’re giving all our power over to some other force and not being at choice.

When I see this happening in marketing, it usually shows up as overwhelm.  Many times it means late nights and weekends working in the name of “marketing.”

I have a saying: There is no such thing as a “Marketing Emergency.”

If there is no such thing as an emergency, then there is no reason to use the excuse that you “have-to” get your marketing done instead of something else more important in life.

So, it’s time to check-in on the balance with your marketing. What are you giving up in the name of “marketing?” What are you tolerating?  What do you feel just can’t be changed in your marketing?  Where are you most overwhelmed?

Now, ask yourself the most important question;

What’s a new perspective?

This article is part of a series about how to use coaching concepts you already know to make marketing easier.  If you are interested in having the full collection of articles, you can download “The Coaches’ Guide to Easier Marketing” at