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Kristen Interviewed About Trust Building with Women In Business Radio

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | Networking, Social Networking with No Comments »

microphoneI, personally, like to do interviews.  In fact, I’d rather do an interview than a tele-class.  It’s more fun for me because I have someone there probing me throughout.  I like being made to think on my feet.  I’m guessing it comes from my acting days when I had to be on my toes every performance because you never know would happen…especially if I was performing with a group that liked to do onstage pranks (don’t get me started!).

Anyway, through twitter I’ve been following Michele Price @properitygal for a couple years I think.  I’ve always liked what she posted and we’ve had a couple small convos which I appreciated.  So, when she asked if I would be a guest on her Women In Business Radio show, I was all for it!

Last Monday we had a very frank discussion about my road becoming the Trust Marketing Expert and what that means.  My favorite part was we didn’t have a script!  Yes, I know as an actor I should love having scripts.  However, in this world of business I much prefer to be myself and not “act” a part.  So, I MUCH prefer to be offscript and candid.

Michele made it easy.  She asked some great questions that got me thinking on the spot.  She got some great off the cuff answers from me that I would’ve never thought to give had she not caught me off guard.  Truly, it was a fun interview and we had a good time doing it.  So, if you’d like to tune in listen to the interview by clicking here.

Leave your comments below about the show after you listen.

Facebook Page Group or Profile, which one do you choose?

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 | Social Networking with No Comments »

A few weeks ago, I went through and did some Facebook maintenance.  As I was going through, I decided to leave a lot of groups.  I was getting lots of messages from them and I never actually went in and looked at most of them.  So, I cleared the clutter and left only a small amount that I’m really interested in.

Facebook is a great place to get your business noticed.  You can gain huge visibility and fill the trust bucket for your potential clients easily.  For most coaches, it can a big business and trust booster!  Too often, I find myself explaining the difference between a Facebook Page, Group and Profile.  So not only do I want to quickly cover the differences for you, I’m also going to give you some things to think about so you can decide  which one will work best for you, as a coach.

Before I get into the differences, you need to know a few things.

1)  Does your target market mind sharing with people that they are interested in your particular topic?

2)  Is your target market more interested in discussion or learning?

3)  Would your target market prefer to read at their leisure or receive information by e-mail or both?

4)  Is your target market conversational, but only in private?

Facebook GROUPS

So, if you think of Facebook groups like google groups or yahoo groups, it’s pretty much the same thing.  The only difference is you can’t share files.  The very huge disadvantage of a group is that the conversation is limited to the space provided for the group.  So, all members need to physically go into the group to keep up with the dialogue.  You can send a message to the group to stimulate conversation, but no one will see the updates unless they click through to the group.

For coaches, I usually only recommend using groups when you have a group of people who do not like to speak openly about the topic you work with.  Career coaches and many life coaches run into this.  Their target market doesn’t want to be “public” about their exploration of the topic, for fear of losing their job etc… If this is the case, then a private group where only those you invite in can be members is the best way to go.

Is there a wall? Yes

Is there a Discussion Forum? Yes

Is it Private? If you choose so, you can make it invite only

Does Google Index? No

Can you e-mail members? Yes, you can e-mail all members of a group

Is there a cap on members? Yes, you can’t have more than 5000 members in a group

Facebook PAGE

A Facebook Page can be set up as a business profile or a person profile.  Depending on whether or not you are the face of the business, you can choose accordingly.  Pages are open to the public and indexed by google (so choose your title with that in mind).  The great part about pages is that everything you post on your page wall shows up in your followers feed.  So, people will get notified when something new is added.  Then they can easily access it and join in the conversation.

I recommend pages to coaches if they are looking to gain exposure for their business.  You can create discussion on your wall and then carry it to the discussion forum if you wish.  You just have to remember that the whole world can see these pages, so try not to start conversations that require personal answers.  This is a great place to share resources that pertain to your topic.  You can also create events for your business and e-mail all your followers about what’s going on with you and/or your business.

Is there a wall? Yes

Is there a Discussion Forum? Yes

Is it Private? No

Does Google Index? Yes

Can you e-mail fans? Yes, you can e-mail all those who “Like” your page

Is there a cap on members? No

Facebook PROFILE

Your profile is the first thing Facebook gives you.  It comes automatically the moment you set up your Facebook account.  There’s a big debate among marketers as to whether you should use your Facebook profile for business or JUST use the business page and keep only your TRUE personal friends on your profile.  This is a very personal choice.

There are some great advantages for opening up your profile to business contacts.  First of all, it allows you to become “friends” with people so you can easily see what they are up to.  With a page or group it’s very one-sided where you put out information and they respond.  If you are “friends” with someone, then you see their updates in your feed. You can easily see what’s going on in their world and jump in with your own two cents.  It’s also easier to start a conversation with an individual via their wall or a message.

The great part about the new Facebook profile is you can choose who sees your posts.  If you group your friends, you can open your posts only to specific groups.  You can also open them up to specific individuals.  You can choose who sees each individual wall post at the time you decide to add it.

Being friends with someone also allows you to send individual private messages.  You can’t send to more than 20 people at a time and you don’t want to do this too often or can be seen as spamming to Facebook.  So, use it wisely but this opens you up to a much more private and personal conversation with people.

Is there a wall? Yes

Is there a Discussion Forum? No

Is it Private? Depending on your privacy settings.  You have control over what is seen on your wall and can allow “everyone” access to all things your friends post.

Does Google Index? Only when you post to “everyone”

Can you e-mail? Yes, you can e-mail up to 20 people at a time.  Don’t do that often though.  You can also e-mail groups and individuals.  I wouldn’t do every day or you’ll be seen as a spammer…use it sparingly and wisely.

Is there a cap on friends? Yes, 5000

My personal philosophy

Personally, I don’t have any groups, because I don’t want to continually e-mail people to remind them there is a group to go look at.

I have a business page (, which I direct potential joint venture partners, clients or other business people to all the time.  In fact, it’s what I link to on all my web activities.   Here I post resources about my topic, share what my joint venture partners are up to, ask questions and e-mail followers about my company.

I use my personal profile as a personal space..  I do accept friend requests from people who would be potential clients or great joint venture partners.  I also accept friend requests from family, personal friends,  former classmates, and former acquaintances I’ve lost touch with.   I’m very picky so I don’t hit that 5000 friend cap.  All of my “friends” are people I really truly would like to get to know better.

That’s a lot to digest, so if you have any questions or comments, please leave them and I’ll be happy to respond.

Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

LinkedIn Philosphies and Integrity

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 | Social Networking, Uncategorized with No Comments »

linkedinDo you think about who you connect with on LinkedIn? I’m really picky as to who I connect with on LinkedIn.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think this network requires that you be picky.  Have you noticed what your options are when you get a connection request?  You don’t have the option to “ignore”, but you can say you don’t know them.  To me, this says don’t accept people you don’t know.   That’s point one.

Point two?  LinkedIn is a professional network. It’s not a “social” social network.  It’s not about weekend trips and games with your Hubby or dinner with your friends.  In my mind that kind of chatter is actually distracting on LinkedIn.  The conversation on LinkedIn needs to be a professional one.  More like going to a networking meeting and discussing your job or business.  Anything else is distracting and annoying, to be blunt.

Here’s my philosophy on LinkedIn.

1)  I connect with people I know and people who might be a client only. If you think you can offer services to my clients, I want to know who you are first.  People know me as a marketing manager and implementer for life changers.  I get web designers/developers, social media experts etc… trying to connect with me all the time on LinkedIn.  I see my network on LinkedIn as a way to recommend people.  I don’t recommend people I don’t know.  If you want to be a potential JV partner or referral partner, connect on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and help me get to know you.  Once I know you and I’m confident you can help my network, then I’ll be happy to connect on LinkedIn, as well.

2)  Automation is not recommended 100% of the time. I’ve noticed that some people have their twitter stream feeding into their LinkedIn status updates.  This seems like a great idea, doesn’t it?  Think about it.  On Twitter, you can talk about any kind of topic.  If you connect your catch all (this is all about me, my life, and my business) twitter stream with your LinkedIn account, it’s not in integrity with what the network is about.  Now, if you have a business only twitter account, then, yes, by all means connect that one up with your LinkedIn status updates.

I’ve just recently noticed that allows you to create “groups”.  This makes it easy!  I have a personal group, a business group, and a few others.  I can post to all my networks at once if I want.  For business stuff I do that, including LinkedIn.

3)  Be aware of the conversation. One of the great features (that I don’t take advantage of enough yet) are the groups on LinkedIn.  There are some really great groups that are having amazing conversations.  So, check them out and sign up for a few.  At the same time, be aware of the converstiaon.  I see way too many people just throwing up promos left and right, without participating in discussion.  Remember Yahoo groups?  Same thing was/is happening there too.  Stick to the topic.  Put your promos in your signature, unless there is a specified way to send promos to the group.  Ask the administrator if you don’t know.

So, what are your thoughts on LinkedIn?  Do you agree that it should be professional conversation only?  What is your philosophy?

Social Networking; To Outsource or Not To Outsource?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 | Social Networking with No Comments »

Social Networks

I’m seeing this issue a lot lately.  Are you?  Some internet entrepreneurs have an assistant or behind the scenes person doing social networking for them.  Others swear they do it all themselves and it’s a rip off to do it any other way.  Who’s right?  I think BOTH are.

On one hand, social networks are about being social and connecting with others.  They are about getting visibility for your business and creating relationships that are profitable.  They are also a place to connect with like-minded people and have stimulating conversations about your chosen profession.

On the other hand, there is a lot of work involved with social networking.  The profile maintenance, the branding customizations and the plug-in additions.  Not to mention the actual communication that goes on.  Much of this can be handled by a skilled social networking expert who knows the technology.

So, what’s possible to outsource?  Well, that depends on how much time you have for social networking.  If you have time to communicate and run the technology without taking time away from other income-generating activities, well then have it and do it all by yourself.

If you have limited time for social networking, but it’s been a huge reason that you have been successful, then it might be time to consider outsourcing it.  Okay, so what EXACTLY can you outsource on social networks?  Let me give you a list:

  • Profile changes.  Especially in Facebook, where there are so many apps and customizations you can make.
  • Branding changes.  When you change your brand, your networks need to be updated.
  • Friend/Follow maintenance.  Once you set up a clear criteria, this can be handled by someone else.  Give them a list of all the people you just met an event and they can add them into your mix too.
  • Marketing Messages.  This is great for a Fan Page where it’s all business.  Have a great writer take what you’ve written for your marketing campaign and break it down into conversation starters, then post those on your networks.
  • Affiliate posts.  If you are an affiliate, have someone pre-set your affiliate postings if possible.  Have them go in on a regular basis and post updates with affiliate links.
  • Customer service issues.  If you get people coming to you through social networks asking standard questions that your customer service team can answer, have them do so.

Now, the every day responses to others will be all up to you.  Your outsource company can get the conversation started, but you need to be present to keep it going when you get a response.  You also need to put your “in the moment” thoughts out there, becuase these are most attractive to potential clients.  You don’t need to be into the technology.  If you are making money from being on social networks, then you can invest in a team to allow you more time to serve the clients you get from you social networking activities.

So, the answer is yes and no.  Yes, you can outsource if you’re business is growing from social networks.  No, you can’t outsource EVERYTHING…because no one is you and your social networks want to know YOU.  You CAN get help from professionals when it pays off.  So, are you ready to outsource yet?  What are your thoughts on this topic?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.

Social Media Marketing Works!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 | Social Networking with No Comments »

Have you heard?  There’s a new industry report out about social media marketing.  Michael Stelzner surveyed nearly 900 Social Media Marketers (including myself) and has published his results.  I’m going to highlight some of the important parts for coaches here.  If you want to see the entire report, you can go to Michael’s blog and download it.

What constitutes social media?

First off I want to clarify what I mean when I say social media.  This survey included Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, You Tube, Social Bookmarking sites, Stumble Upon, Digg (and others like it), and Friend Feed.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

“The number-one benefit of social media marketing is gaining the all-important eyeball.  A significant 81% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated exposure for their businesses. Improving traffic and growing lists was the second major benefit, followed by building new partnerships.”

I’ve had many coaches ask me, what the ROI for social media is.  Well, here ya go!  More exposure leads to more clients.  It’s as simple as that.  I know, it’s easy to continue marketing the way you always have, but what about expanding your community?  Through social media you can exponentially expand the amount of people you expose your business to on a daily basis.  How much business are you getting from your non-social media community?  What if you could triple or quadruple that community?  How much more business would that mean for you?  THAT’s your ROI for social media marketing.

According to Michael, “Sole Proprieters were more likely than others to see benefits.”  So, if you are the main show in your business, it’s definitely worth it to be engaging in social media.

How much time do you need to spend in social media?

In as little at 6 hours a week, those surveyed have seen results.  Here are some of the findings:

“After only a few months and with as few as 6 hours a week, more than half of marketers have generated qualified leads with social media marketing.”

“61.83% of people who have only invested a few months in their social media marketing report new partnerships were gained.”

Again, sole proprietors were more likely to see these results.

“Nearly all marketers spending 6+ hours a week on social media marketing found exceptionally positive results.”

So, at 6 hours or less, you’ll see some results.  If you spend more than 6 hours a week, you’ll see exceptional results.  That doesn’t mean you need to be spending that kind of time right off the bat!  Most experienced social media marketers do spend 16+ hours a week on social media marketing, but that doesn’t mean you have to!!  As you start seeing results, you’ll want to spend more time on the networks.  In starting at 6 hours, you can find which networks are brining the most results, so that when you ARE ready to add time to your efforts, you know where it will do the most good.

In conclusion:

If you haven’t jumped into social media yet, or you are wondering if you should do more of it, the answer is GO FOR IT!!  Many businesses are out there gaining profitable connections every day.  This report proves that social networking is worth the time.  So, jump in, beef up and expand your business.

What do you think of these findings?  What questions do you have about social media marketing?  Let us know and we can discuss it here.