Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Do your clients get bored with what you offer? Our kitty has taught me this very important marketing principle.  Calvin is our rambunctious, playful, fun, energetic and big lovable (13 pound) kitty.  His nickname is Mr. Mischief for a reason.  He gets bored easily so we have to keep him entertained by playing with him.  If he gets too bored, he starts to look at Hobbes as a new toy to play with and she’s not usually up for play more than once a day, whereas he is up for it several times a day.  In order to keep the peace, we spend time playing with Calvin every day.

His favorite toys are these squishy foam golf balls that bounce.  We call them bouncy balls.  He absolutely loves these toys.  He creates his own games with them and we never know what the game is until half way through play time.  Sometimes, he’s playing catch, sometimes he chases them and then other times he’d rather hunt.  We give him the choice and just go with it.

However, there are times when the bouncy ball just isn’t the toy of the day.  It’s pretty easy to tell when Calvin doesn’t want to play with something.  He just sits there and does nothing.  So, we have to change it up and try new toys.  He loves his bouncy balls, but sometimes he just needs something new.

Say the same message over and over and clients get to know what you do.  However, if you become too repetitive, they are going to just skip on by and look for something new. So, make sure you change up your marketing.  Say something new, create something new, or offer something new.

Take a look at your marketing.

Are you using the same exact copy when you re-launch a product or program?

Are you repeatedly using the same questions to get people engaged in your marketing?

Are you using the same 30 second speech every week at your networking group?

Get creative!  Find multiple things you speak about and keep changing it up.  As long as you always make a connection back to your main marketing message, you can keep it interesting.

Don’t let potential clients get complacent.  Keep changing it up to get their attention in the midst of all the consistency. Consistency builds trust and a little something different every now and then keeps the attention.

I know I’ve learned a lot from my lovable kitties.  I hope they have taught you something as well.  What are you going to change?  Leave a comment and share it.

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