Changing the face of coaching

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Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

TrustTechnical marketing is where your language, campaigns, mailings, website, etc… are structured around what should come first, second and so on.  It’s a standard, a norm, a blueprint.

Most of us (me included) follow the pattern because we know someone before us tested this and found that the numbers add up and it’s the most effective way to go.  If you’re anything like me, you know that you’re not the best at analyzing these things, so it’s best to rely on someone else’s work.

What if that technical structure isn’t YOUR most effective structure?

The coaching industry is filled with coaches who struggle to get clients.  I truly believe that a big part of the problem is technical marketing.  Most coaches are creative.  We love to help people and are driven by relationship and/or inspired ideas.  This is how we show up during coaching sessions, group programs and speaking engagements.

Technical marketing is great for understanding what people need in order to buy from you, but there comes a point where it defines who you are as a coach.  This is where we have the opportunity to change the face of coaching.

Every bit of marketing for coaching is “the face” of coaching.  Over the last 10+ years I’ve watched the industry go from no one knowing what a coach is to most people having heard of a coach but not really understanding what that means.

Right now, I’m seeing a lot of social media blowback about the industry saying that coaches are taking money and not getting results “for” their clients.  The coaching industry is not trusted withing a large part of the population.  I’ve even had clients who’ve said to me “You’ve restored my faith in coaching.”  Before me, they didn’t trust it.  I had to earn that trust and it took a lot of time.

These complaints clearly come from people who don’t know what true coaching is about.

What they know is what they see in marketing.

What they see is technical marketing that lacks the depth a coach brings to the relationship.

What they see is a coach trying to be a good marketer.

What they NEED is an experience of the coach.

What if we ditched the structure and focused on BEing?

Who are you being in your marketing?  Are you being the coach or the marketer?

I’ve been working on this myself.  The more I own who I am as a coach in the work I do with my clients, the more I’ve had to own who I am as a coach in my marketing.  Let me tell you, I’ve studied a lot of marketing and that isn’t easy.  Day by day, I’m changing it up and it’s paying off.

I’m constantly challenging my clients to stop marketing and start being who they are (a coach) in their marketing.  The more they own it, the easier, more authentic and more attractive their marketing gets.  Relationships form faster and easier.  The right clients are contacting them.  Best of all they spend less time marketing and more time coaching.  I’m challenging you, as a coach, to step up and step out of the norm.  Be a coach!

I challenge you to join me.  Do you accept the #BeACoach challenge?


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