Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Be The ChangeI have read a lot of blog and social media posts about how slimy marketing has become.  These rants are especially rampant in the coaching community.  Marketers and coaches are fed up with sleazy feeling promises.  And I am too!!  However, I’m not going to throw my rant into the fire.  Instead I’d rather talk about how we can be the change in marketing.

What do you want to see in marketing messages?

How do you want others to show up in marketing?  Do you want to see transparency?  Then model it for others.  What does transparency look like to you?

I actually use an exercise I learned from Michel Neray called “What Drives You Crazy Makes You Great.”  It’s all about looking at what other people are doing and finding why it drives you crazy.  Then turning it on it’s head and doing the opposite.  So, when you look at marketing and get that sleazy feeling, pay attention.  What don’t you like?  What really gets your goat about that marketing?  And how do you want to market differently?

We all have our own values.

Personally, I think it all starts with values.  Usually when something feels sleazy, it’s because something in our values is off.  So, look closely at what you’re values are telling you when you see yucky marketing.  How is it going against your values?  What do you read into the marketing that feels like it’s trampling on your values?  Now, how can you honor that value in your own marketing?

Imagine if everyone created marketing from their values and honored those values.  How much cooler would marketing be?  How much more authentic would it be?  Sleazy would have no place in that world.

Be the change you wish to see in marketing.

It’s time that we (Marketing Experts, Coaches, Business Owners, Copywriters etc…) join together and be the change we wish to see in marketing.  Given all the complaints that are coming about, we have an opportunity to create change.  Obviously, people are craving a new marketing landscape where sleazy doesn’t exist.  So, let’s ban together and create it.

What would that new landscape look like?  My contribution to changing the landscape of marketing is showing up in two ways.  I’m making sure that my marketing is in integrity with my values.  I’m also Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching others to do the same.  What’s your contribution?

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