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Pardon the rant, but I really feel this needs to be said.

There is a serious problem in the coaching industry! Coaches are spending their money on marketing help before they are ready.

When a coach starts their business, they typically have no money or just enough money to sustain their business while it gets off the ground. All too often, a new coach hears more experienced coaches talk about how a Virtual Assistant (VA) was helpful. So, the new coach sets out to hire a VA to start helping with the marketing technology. BIG mistake!!! Most new coaches don’t even know HOW to market their business, let alone tell someone else what they need done! This is a huge COSTLY mistake. New coaches end up running in circles with their marketing, because they are spending all their money on assistance that supports running in circles. If you want to free up time, start with an Administrative VA and a bookkeeping VA. Then customer service.  Hire a marketing coach or consultant to help you learn what strategies are going to work for your business and for YOU, as the business owner.

Once you’ve learned how to market your business and your administrative needs are met, you can look at investing in marketing help. Now, let me clarify, I’m not saying skip the web designer or the copywriter! Those people can seriously boost a new business and they are worth the investment from the beginning! When I say Marketing Help, I’m referring to someone (or a team) who manages your marketing systems, puts your copy into technology, and spreads your marketing around to all those places where potential clients will see it.

Marketing help should come in at the point where you are saying “no” to incoming clients, or ignoring opportunities to create more programs, because you are spending your time on marketing. Hire marketing help when doing your own marketing is getting in the way of earning a higher income.

Plan to invest! When you hire marketing help, you will be investing in results that you may not see for 6 months to a year. At this point your income level should be in or near the 6-figure range. Expect to invest 10% of your income on marketing help.  If you don’t have the income to support this kind of investment for a year, then you have no business hiring marketing help.  Raise your rates or put together some group coaching.  Whatever you need to do to increase your income, before you go adding marketing help to your business.

Now, the next biggest mistake I see is coaches who get to this point, then they use their newly found free time to focus on more areas of marketing. No! Please don’t do that!!! Obviously, at this point the marketing you’ve been doing has brought in clients. Keep bringing in clients with the same consistent marketing for the first year you work with marketing help. USE that free time to create new higher earning programs, take on more one-on-one clients, etc… The Coaches’ job at this point is to participate in income-generating activities only!!! This will boost your business that first year and provide the income to sustain your marketing investment.

THEN, after that first year, you can start adding new modes of marketing, but the marketing team should be executing it! You see, once marketing help comes on board, you should only be creating the initial concept for the marketing, and writing 1st drafts of copy. The marketing team should be handling the rest, so you can continue focusing on income-generating activities.  Do you see how important that first period of doing it yourself is?  By the time you get here, you have to KNOW what it takes to market your business.  You have to KNOW your systems well enough to be able to make decisions that work for your business before you can tell someone else what to do with your marketing!

In order for your marketing team to take over, you can’t just hire anyone. You must scrutinize over who will provide marketing help. Cheapest isn’t always best! You must make sure your marketing helper(s) have experience, a personality you want to work closely with, and the ability to do the work that will come in the future. Hire for tomorrow, NOT today!  You’ll save time and money if you go this route.  In hiring for what is affordable right now, you are setting yourself up to have to hire other people later.  Why not get that professional team in place now, so they can learn your business and move it forward faster?

At the point you are ready to hire marketing help, you MUST be great at marketing your business, and have a vision for what you want your business to look like in 1, 3, 5, 10 years or more. Otherwise your marketing help is just going to support a stagnant business and a coach who runs around in circles with their marketing.

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