Disillusionment Creates Change

Thursday, February 8th, 2018 | Coaching Industry with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Change AheadA lot of people have asked me why I am now job hunting instead of continuing with Coaches’ Marketing Source. My easy answer is that my passions changed and I wanted to take my skills & talents into non-profit work.

What I don’t talk about often is that I was actually loathing marketing my own business. It was out of integrity for me to help people market their businesses when I didn’t want to market mine. What happened that I found myself dreading marketing my business when I had loved every minute of it in the past?

It started in 2014 when I asked if there was a different way to go about marketing. I have tons of blog posts, calls and newsletters exploring what a new way might look like. I was excited and energized by looking for it and I shifted many minds in the process.  I even started a mastermind group where we discussed new ways of marketing.  After a few years though, I struggled with tactics and how to make them better.

Then the 2016 election happened and a lot of things I thought I knew suddenly felt like they’d been made all fuzzy. My mastermind group fizzled. I started spending more time as an activist. My Husband got sick (he’s getting better now after over a year of being sick). Time didn’t get in my way. I can always find time for my passions. It was something else. It was deeper.  I’m just starting to scratch the surface on it now. Over the last four months a few things have become clear to me.

1) I was shaming people-Marketing strategies I have learned over the years threatened people and were intended to make them feel bad so they would buy my services. In 2014, I started to rebel against this. I stopped shaming and started inviting. Yet the marketing industry kept digging further and further into shaming. And I suffered from a bit of comparitanitis as people who were using those tactics were growing when I wasn’t.

2) I was perpetuating privilege-I worked mostly with people who were not only Naturally, Creative, Resourceful and Whole but who had support systems, access to what they needed, and the means to make things happen.

3) I want to be making a difference with a different group of people. Since the election of 2016, my eyes have been opened to so many systemic things in our country that run deeper than I ever knew (racism, sexism, and other isms). Things that have knocked people down and kept them there. As we move forward, it looks like more of these systems will be implemented as the old ones are strengthened or re-energized. That rattles me to the core. I want to make a difference for those who are most affected by this. I want to support the people who do the work helping those people. I want to put my talents and skills to use getting the word out about a different kind of good work being done in the world.

While I loved every minute of working with Coaches, I have begun to see how messaging, smart marketing, coordination skills and the ability to lead with coaching skills can be invaluable in non-profit organizations. I would rather get paid to grow their services than to grow my own. I’d rather get paid to bring their work into the world. There are a lot of people doing great work helping coaches figure out their marketing (many who are working to dismantle the problems there). I feel a hard pull to move on.

Again, this is just scratching the surface. I am disillusioned with marketing and running my own business and that prompted the change. Since I’ve stepped back I’ve seen things that I couldn’t see while in the midst of it (there is racism and so much classism in marketing). My vision for my business has crumbled now and I don’t have the desire to move forward, so I must move on.

I don’t know exactly what life will look like when I land, but I’m following my passion and heart. Re-reading that statement I realize so many don’t have the ability to follow their passion and heart. I want to be a part of more people having that ability. Of course, when they are ready, I will always be promoting coaching as an option.

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