Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

A wonderfully positive article was published about virtual help in last week.  Did you see it?  If not, you can visit it at  There’s a lot of information mentioned about what virtual help can do for you.  It even mentions several known companies (like mine).

What the author doesn’t tell you is how to make sure you DO get a high ROI (Return On Investment) when working with a virtual team.

“The smart profit formula for lots of successful entrepreneurs (whether they’re a firm of one or many) involves a little front-end investment for maximum returns.”
Patti Simone,

I agree with this statement, wholeheartedly.  Here’s the concern I have in the coaching industry.  Coaches know they need to invest in getting some virtual help, but many don’t know how to turn that investment INTO maximum returns.

Here’s the thing.  Most coaches have their virtual team do the grunt work of their business.  In my case, we do much of the routine, ongoing, marketing.   We help with newsletters, article marketing, podcasting, blogging etc… These things take time to create a return and it’s not immediately monetary.  The return is more on list-building and gaining credibility within your market.  All of which eventually provides a monetary return but can take 6 months to a year to start doing so.

It’s up to the coach to create those maximum returns!  As a coach, your maximum returns come from coaching.  Whether it’s group coaching, paid Teleclasses or one-on-one coaching, THAT’s where your biggest income is earned.  It’s also where you will succeed the most.  If you are spending 80% of your time on the grunt work and 20% of your time on coaching, what kind of return are you getting there?

Now, it does take time to get your business to a place where there are clients to fill those maximum return activities.  So, when you ask for help, do it wisely.  Invest SOME of your income in your virtual team and spend as much of YOUR time doing as many maximum return activities as you can.  This will create a high return on your investment.  If you are a high-earning coach, you can afford to hire a high quality, full-service marketing team (like mine) that can keep your pipeline full.  As a new coach, you need to start smaller and think about what fits your budget, while continuing to spend your time coaching (high profit maximum return).

The purpose of hiring virtual help is to fr*ee up your time, so you can focus on income generating activities.  Remember that the next time you are looking to add virtual help to your business.

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