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dotcomWe’ve been doing a  lot of work on getting blog websites up for our clients recently and I keep repeating myself on this so I’ll share my thoughts here.  Most people think if they are going to have  blog website, the blog will be the home page and there isn’t any need for a home page like you have on a regular html website.  I HUGELY disagree!  Ok, I’ll qualify that.  If you really just want to create a conversation and never want to sell anything, then have at it with the blog being the home page for the site….HOWEVER, if you intend to sell a service, product etc… on a website built on a blog platform, then I suggest you reconsider creating a separate home page.

Why am I all up in your face about this?  As usual, it’s about building trust with your potential clients.  Think about it this way.  If you do your SEO, partner with people who link back and do all the important things to drive traffic to your website, you will start attracting people to who only know that you have a website with something they are interested in.  If they land on your blog first, well then that’s what they think you have to offer them…free information.  That’s great!  Um, except, hold on.  You want to sell them something eventually right?  By looking at a blog, they don’t know that.  They don’t even know why you have the blog.  They just know you’re sharing information and are building a community around your topic.

So, what will they think when all of a sudden you say something about a product or service you offer…try to sell them something?  First they will be surprised…and not in a good way.   They signed up for information, now you want to sell them something?  That’s not cool!  For some people it can feel like a bait and switch.  Hmmm….would you trust someone who pulled that kind of stunt?  Would you trust them to help you make serious life changes?  I wouldn’t.

Ok, ok, I hear you naysayers out there bringing up the “About Page”.   The about page talks about who is “behind” the company and how it functions.  Um, they didn’t even know it WAS a company.    Some people talk about the author on the About Page.  This is good, because it gives some insight into what makes you different than anyone else in your industry.  What industry are you in?  What kind of service do you offer?  Why will people benefit from these services?  Those are the kind of questions that are answered on a home page.

So, why do you need a home page?  So those who are coming from your affiliate partners, search engines and other random places know WHY your website exists, that you have something to sell, and that it’s going to change their life for the better.   Just as with a regular HTML site, you need a place for people to land and quickly determine that they need to know more.  Once they decide they need to know more, by all means, share your blog conversation with them and then lead them through your site as you typically would.  By giving context, you are being transparent about the purpose of your blog and site.  You are building trust.

Still have questions?  Still have objections?  Let’s hear them.  Leave a comment.

Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

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