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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 | technology with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Hey everyone!

If you know anything about me, you know that I love playing with technology.  Especially marketing technology.  I like to test it out and see if it’s useful to me and/or my clients.  As you may or may not know, I recently decided to add a shopping cart for my package products and wanted to be able to offer affiliate fees too.  In working with my clients, I’ve had the privilege of playing with 1ShoppingCart and it’s resellers.  I’ve not been overly thrilled with 1ShoppingCart and the price is quite steep for something I’m not “overly thrilled with.”  I’ve looked at Full Partner and decided I didn’t need all that they offer and didn’t want to pay the upfront fees.  Lately though, I’d been hearing a lot about http://www.e-junkie.com and thought I’d see if that might be useful for my business.  So, I signed up and started playing.  I’ll share what I’ve learned and give you my comparison with 1 Shopping Cart.

E-junkie & 1ShoppingCart Features
Affiliate Program

Connection to AWeber (imperative since this is what I use for my autoresponder system)

Shopping Cart

PayPal accepted (imperative since I currently only use PayPal)

Authorize.net (also imperative as eventually, I will have a merchant account)

Customized Thank You Pages

Follow-up capability for purchasers

Digital Products

All of the above were requirements for me.  There are some differences between the two carts on some of these features though.

Aweber connection - 1ShoppingCart has an entire cart setting for this.  No matter what is purchased, buyers go to the same list in aweber (unless you want to set up a workaround that doesn’t trap 100% of the buyers).  E-junkie allows you to put buyers into a different list for each product, if you wanted to.

Follow-up Capability for purchasers - Here’s where it’s a big decision to make.  Both systems allow you to follow up with buyers.  1ShoppingCart allows a text and HTML delivery of messages and newsletters, whereas E-junkie only has text.  Now, with the aweber connection on E-junkie, I don’t have to worry about this, because I can just use AWeber to follow up and I can use HTML there. If you are JUST using E-junkie, you want to consider how important it is to brand your e-mails going out to buyers.

1ShoppingCart also has a regular autoresponder system that allows you to create an e-course or have an autoresponder series set up.  It also allows you to have a form on your website for free products.  E-junkie does not have this capability.  Again, with the AWeber connection, I can set this up easily.

Affiliate Program - This is where I think E-junkie could improve.  They offer an affiliate program, but unlike 1ShoppingCart, they offer no place to store banners, buttons, promotional materials etc…  Also, unlike 1ShoppingCart, they don’t offer a way to follow-up with affiliate members.  One of the biggest issues I have here is that all the affiliate links are for specific products.  They don’t have one that is for ANYTHING on the website.  Now, no matter what they purchase, the affiliate member gets credit, but there’s no affiliate link that takes them to the home page.  Oh, and did I mention that E-junkie doesn’t collect address information, phone number, or a SSN from your affiliates.  This is a problem come tax time.  Now, I’ve created my own workarounds, by having affiliates sign up for an AWeber list BEFORE they sign up for an E-junkie affiliate account, but there is major room for improvement here.

Technical skill required - If you are not the techie type, I do not recommend E-junkie.  If you are the techie type (or have a techie team, like mine, to help you), I would highly recommend E-junkie, because it is a lot cheaper and it has the integration with AWeber that is extremely valuable.  Also, as a techie person I had fun playing with the codes in E-junkie and learning how things connected together.  It was fun to play with, in other words.  Although, the multiple options for a product can get a bit tedious when it comes to coding the button (each potential combination gets a line of very simple code).

Tech Support - E-junkie only has a ticket system for tech support, but they are pretty fast at responding and are very specific.  They don’t give you the run around, they’ll answer your question, without asking you to jump through hoops.  1ShoppingCart does have phone support (in Canada) and a ticket system.  Our experience over the phone has been that they are not good at troubleshooting and have been known to promise to call back, when they don’t.

Overall, I really think E-junkie is a great bargain for the relatively techie person who enjoys learning new programs (or has team to help them).  It’s extremely customizable and has most of the features of 1ShoppingCart.  It’s worth a little finagling to make it work, at 1/2 the price (with AWeber).

What is your favorite shopping cart program and what do you like about it?  Please share, so we can all learn.


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    Cindy Morus, The Money Mender // October 31st, 2008 at 11:34 am

    Hi Kristen, I was using 1shoppingcart.com, too but it was just too expensive, especially when I wanted to add the affiliate module. It’s also quite technical and I’m a technical person but I still struggled with it.

    Lately, I’ve started using Wahmcart (http://www.mendyourmoney.com/wahmcart.htm) and it’s terrific! It’s only $39 per month for autoresponders, broadcasts, shopping cart and affiliate program. Everything you want and need.

    And Regina Baker provides great support.

    I hope you’ll try it out!



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