Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

boredbizwomanThis has been a big question on a lot of minds this year.  I keep seeing messages on forums asking if e-mail marketing, list building and other internet marketing strategies are coming to an end.  The answer is NO!  The actual function of the marketing is not coming to an end, in fact it’s going strong for many people.  The change is coming in how we use these different mediums to market our businesses.

In fact, as a coach, you have a unique opportunity to capitalize the most on them!  It’s the conversation and message that’s changing more than anything.  The reason the question about these mediums dying out is being asked is because people are seeing their numbers dropping in response to their marketing.  Are you noticing this?

There’s a good reason for the drop in response rates.  It’s called desensitization.  Usually that word is used in conjunction with violence.  If you’re exposed to it long enough, you lose your fear of it and then run the risk of being violent yourself.  Yes, this is what’s happening with internet marketing.  For 15 years or so, internet users have been bombarded with e-mail marketing, pop up boxes, sales pages etc… They’ve seen it all and they’ve seen it 100 million times over.  Now they just hit the delete button, unsubscribe, click away or their eyes glaze over.  The “tactics” that we’ve been taught through the information marketing age are dying…not the mediums themselves.  People aren’t responding because everything sounds the same to them.  Nothing is standing out as new, fresh, or different.

So, what does that mean?  It means, if you are going to get business on the internet you have to provide something that internet users aren’t desensitized to.  They need content that gets their attention through emotion (click here to read Scott Stratton’s great article on this).  They need people who are selling something new, different and fresh.  They need to hear your passion.  They want transparency, honesty, and they want to be able to trust you.  Stop putting out the same old, same old content.  Differentiate, get brutally honest, and share your passion with the world.  That’s going to get you noticed on the internet over anything else.

Do you think internet marketing is dying?  Or are you joining us in the new evolution of internet marketing?

Kristen Berieis, Trust Marketing Expert

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