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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 | Marketing with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

NICHE!! Such an ikky word and it doesn’t need to be!  Why are coaches so afraid to niche? Even experienced coaches sometimes still say “I’m a life coach and I work with people who are stuck”.  That’s not specific enough.  If you are going to have an ever growing business, you need to pick a niche that is going to attract people.  They need to know right off the bat that they are ready for you.  If you stay broad, you’ll never get their attention.

Now,  as a coach, I think there is a distinct advantage in picking a niche. As a coach, you have the easy way to start.  You already only help a certain kind of person.  You don’t have to go by industry.  You don’t have to go by geography.  You can actually make up a niche that is obscure, focused and also attracts the kind of people you want to work with.

Start with the problem you solve and think about who the people are that have that particular problem.  Narrow it down to one specific description of who your ideal client is.  Then go out from there, where would this ideal client hang out, what are their activities, what do they know about themself?

I think coming up with a very tight niche is a great thing!  When my clients have a tight niche we find it easy to research places to market them on the internet.  It’s even easier for us to edit their copy and make sure the branding works.  It’s easier to market a coaching business when you have a nice tight niche.  Can you imagine writing copy that just flows out of you?!  This is what happens with a tight niche.  When you know exactly WHO you are speaking to, it’s easy to create copy, articles, blog posts etc…

So, is your niche too broad?  Narrow it down!  I’d like to recommend a resource to help you; “Niche Marketing for Coaches.” Hannah McNamara has written a practical handbook for anyone starting or building a life coaching, executive coaching or business coaching practice.  It shows you step-by-step how to identify your strengths, decide on a niche and then attract clients from within that niche.  It’s written in plain English (avoiding technical Marketing jargon) and focuses on what works when promoting your services as a coach.

Best of all, if you go to the page now and order a copy, you get all sorts of marketing bonuses! Including a free copy of my e-book “Coaches’ Simple Guide to twitter.” So, go now and get your copy of “Niche Marketing for Coaches” .

Yes, I’m promoting someone else’s product in this blog post!  I don’t do this often, but when I see something that I feel is a great help to the coaching community, I want to share it!!  So, take advantage of the free tips I gave above AND if you can relate, consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

What do you think about narrowing down to a tight niche?  Has it help you?  How?  Has it been diffult?  What’s getting in your way?  I want to hear from you.

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