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So, I know some of you have been wondering what social networks can add to your business.  One of the benefits I’ve seen is joint venture partners.  In the last couple weeks I’ve had several joint venture opportunities pop up due to my social networking efforts.  Not just the ones where I give away a freebie and get bunches of people on my list, but some serious “client getting” opportunities.

One has given me a deep sigh of relief.  I’ve known that self-discovery and marketing/business building go hand in hand.  For a couple years, I’ve been trying to figure out how to package it so that I can do some good with that combo.  I’ve just found out that I don’t have to!  It’s already been done!  Woo hoo!!

Last week, I received a Facebook friend request from Christiane Holbrook.  Her friend request mentioned conscious entrepreneurship, which I’m all for so I accepted her as a friend.  I, of course, went right over to her wall and mentioned my thoughts on conscious entrepreneurship.  The response that came back was amazing!  She mentioned that her work with women helps “heal their relationship with business, success, marketing and technology.”  Wow!  I was all over that!  I wanted to know more.  That conversation lead to some private messages, and me checking out a product Christiane and her business partner (Lydia) had created called “The Inspired Biz Success Blueprint.”  The video at the top of the page was EXACTLY what I had been thinking for the past couple years.  They laid it out so perfectly.  You could really tell that these two were living and marketing from their passion.

I was so excited by what they were creating, that I accepted an invitation to speak to Christiane.  How could I resist the opportunity to speak with such a passionate woman who had created what I could barely conceptualize.  We spoke for over an hour on Monday and found that our businesses really do dovetail each other.  She teaches coaches how to create a business and marketing plan that will skyrocket their business and I help them implement that plan while staying in integrity with who they are.  It’s a perfect fit!

We’ve already begun the process of creating an audio interview/teleclass that will help both of our target markets and I suspect we’ll be collaborating on more in the future.  It’s fun to find new joint venture partners, but it’s amazing when you find someone who speaks to your own passions in the work they do.

Again, this is not the only joint-venture opporutnity that I’ve found on social networks.  There are many more in the works.  The moral of the story is…social networking is GREAT for finding joint venture partners that fit!

Have you found joint venture partners on social networks?  Which network has brought you the most successful relationships?  Please leave a comment.

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    Jennifer Lee // March 19th, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    I love what you shared here! I, too, have been astounded at the amazing connections that have emerged through social networking. Twitter, Facebook and blogging have been such great ways to find my “tribe.” I had to smile when I read your story above as I sure have experienced exchanges like that, too. In fact, I just started co-leading a new telelcass last night with Ariane Goodwin. We met via Twitter. So cool!!

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