Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

If you are like the majority of coaches in the world, this is a busy time of year.  There are holiday festivities and presents to shop for.  There are end of year business things that need to get done.  Not only that, this is the time of year a lot of people HIRE a coach.  So, where does your marketing fit in?  Ugh!

Marketing needs to happen, whether you are busy or not.  I can’t say this enough…consistent marketing brings in consistent income.  So, how can you market consistently when your schedule is all over the place?  Plan, chunk, ask for help, and be flexible.

1)  Plan - Take some time to look at your schedule and look for days that are light.  Mark off those spaces and plan to use them for marketing.  Look for an hour at a time, or even a half hour would get SOMETHING done.  Find the holes and fill them in with marketing.

2)  Chunk - Now that you have designated times for marketing, USE IT!!  Sit down and create your blog posts for the rest of the year (like I’m doing as I write this!).  Do your newsletter early.  Get them all into their respective places and pre-schedule them to go out at their usual time.  Put together your marketing promotions for the month and have them ready to put out to your networks, so all you have to do is copy/paste.  Use whatever time you have for marketing to get as much of your routine marketing done first!  If you have extra time and don’t need it for other personal or business related activities, then do some of the extra, non-routine tasks.

3)  Ask for help - If you have someone on your team that can help you, USE THEM!  That’s what they are there for.  Ask them to take over once you’ve done your part.  Let them take on a little extra responsibility if you need them to.  Plan with them, so that both of you are on the same page and everyone knows what to expect, so things get done when they need to.

4)  Be flexible - Sometimes life DOES get in the way of accomplishing things as we want them.  Be nice to yourself and be flexible.  You can skip one week of your blog.  You can be a day late on your newsletter.  Be transparent and let your readers know that you made a choice.  Share with them the process and how they can be nice and flexible too.  Use it as a coaching opportunity…why not?  You are a coach!

Enjoy the excitement and hustle/bustle of the month of December.  Get as much done as you possibly can ahead of time, so you can relax and be present when you want to be.

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