Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

trustyourselfAs coaches, we are big on making sure our clients own more of who they are.  We want them to be themselves.

In marketing, there are supposedly rules, scripts and procedures we all have to follow.  It’s hard to find room to be yourself amongst all the statistics and valuable information. However, being yourself is imperative to getting results from your marketing.

As a coach, you have a specific style of coaching.  You have something special that only you can offer to your clients. You have a unique thought process and steps you walk clients through.  You also have a way of talking to your clients that gets them to trust you and allows you to be there on their journey.

All of these things are because of who you are.  All of these things need to be reflected in your marketing.  YOU need be in your marketing. There are a lot more coaches in the world these days than there were when I started my business in 2006.  You need to stand out among the crowd and you can only do that by being you.

So, regardless of what people say you’re supposed to do, what the right way is, where you are in your business, what you’re aiming for etc… Just, please, be yourself.

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