I propose a marketing diet.

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 | Marketing with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

yachtAs some of you know, I was diagnosed with Diabetes in January 2012.  Ever since then I’ve been focusing on eating healthier.  I first cut carbs way down.  Lately, I’ve been watching calories two.  There is something I’ve learned about “dieting” over the last few years that I’m now starting to apply to marketing.  Dieting isn’t about starving to be skinny.  It’s about choosing healthy foods and having my indulgences in moderation.  Oh, yes, I can have my cake and eat it too…as long as it’s a cake pop and not 3 pieces of sheet cake.   I’m pretty sure you know all this, but how does it relate to marketing?

You’re probably wondering if I’ve finally gone off my rocker.

Well, maybe I have, but hear me out.  I saw a Facebook post that said “Design a life that is worth living!” and it included a picture of a big time business Coach/Mentor standing next to a private jet.   I appreciate that there are Coach/Mentors who can help people create a seven figure lifestyle.  I respect that some people truly want that lifestyle.  Obviously, this Coach/Mentor is not for me, as I do not feel a life worth living needs a private jet.    In fact, I feel like I’ve already achieved designing a life worth living.

Sometimes I wonder if these kinds of messages are healthy for the industry.  So many are clamoring to make six and seven figures that they would pay any amount of money, go into debt and spend years trying to make it when all they really wanted was to earn a steady income.

On a daily basis we are told that we have to shoot for six and seven figures in order to be successful (and have a life worth living).  Here’s where the dieting comes in.  I think it’s time that we give ourselves a break.  Bring in some moderation for ourselves AND our potential clients.   Go through and evaluate where you get your e-mails from.  Unsubscribe from the ones that you feel don’t match what you feel success is.  Then unsubscribe from a few more.  Unfollow some of the big message throwers on social media.  Stop seeking out messages that affirm the dream for a few months.  See how you feel about moving towards the six/seven figure goal after some moderation.  Is it still what you want?

As for your own marketing, consider what you are putting out there.  Is it all about the big dream of the yacht, fancy car, dream job etc…?  Or do you have some moderation in there?  Are you talking about the positive mindset, the more effective relationships and the cool person your clients will become?

Flash gets attention, but that doesn’t have to be everything.  Even the diet industry is discovering this in their advertising.  They are starting to bring in more “real” looking models for their advertisements (vs. size four models).  Consumers are smart.  They know what’s possible for them and they relate to something that’s “real” to them right now.  So, use some moderation in your marketing between promising the moon and the stars.

What are your thoughts on the push to make six or seven figures?  Are you in for that?  Or do you want some moderation too?


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    Carl Dierschow // July 27th, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    Thank you, Kristen. I have the same response.

    It’s totally true that, if it’s going to be sustainable, you have to make some money. And a lot of coaches struggle with that.

    But once it’s sustainable for you, isn’t it really about the number of people you can positively affect? Isn’t that really why we’re in this profession?


    P.S. Yes, I did a serious mass-unsubscribe exercise a few weeks ago. And that was much of the criteria I used!

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    admin // August 17th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    I agree, Carl. The more people who can be positively affected by coaching, the better in my book. For many a goal of positively affecting more people has more meaning than an income goal. We all have our thing that drives us.

    Just because everyone else is shooting for a goal, doesn’t mean it needs to be YOUR goal. We all need to set our own and I see too many people feeling ashamed that the 6&7 figure hype doesn’t resonate with them. If we take a break from it, many times something else pops up.

    Create a great day!

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