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Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 | Business Events for Coaches with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

I know you are busy during the month of December. ¬†You’re probably getting ready for the end of the year and getting ready for next year. ¬†To help you get a great start to the new year, below are three New Year Boosting events that are happening in the next couple weeks.

Crazy-Ass Marketing Ideas: Triple-Dog-Dare Edition

December 7 @ 3:00pm EST. ¬†In October, Kathy Mallary and I did our first Crazy-Ass Marketing Ideas call. ¬†We got so much positive feedback and so many different people asking us to do it again, we’ve decided to do just that. ¬†Only this time, we’re asking YOU to bring your most Crazy-Ass Marketing Idea so we can help you get it into action. ¬†It’s an hour of opposites. ¬†We’re going to show you how doing the opposite of what most marketing gurus would tell you to do will actually get you better results. ¬†You can click through to register for updates about the call by visiting

How Flying Your Freak Flag Builds Trust

December 15 at 1:00pm EST. On this call, I’ll be interviewed by Leah Shapiro, Kick-Ass Life Coach. ¬†If you feel like the whole “do it the way you’re told” thing is getting old and not working anymore (which it usually doesn’t work) then it’s time for a new way of looking at things. ¬†Fly your freak flag and watch the money roll in. ¬†We’ll talk about how and why this works on the call. ¬†You can register at¬†

Stop Marketing!  4 Ways to Live Your Dream Business Life NOW.

December 15 @ 4:00pm EST. ¬†What if you didn’t have to create MORE marketing projects in order to increase cash flow? ¬†Find out the dirty little secret that’s holding you back from getting coaching clients. ¬†In this FR*EE call, I will be sharing how I create my business life to include marketing without having it overwhelm me (and NO it doesn’t include delegating more work). ¬†If you’re fed up with all the time you spend marketing, then this call is for you. ¬†Register for this call and the recording at

Save the Last Week of December.  No Marketing!

Save the Last Week of December. Stop Marketing!

Entire Month of December -¬†I challenge you to take the last week of December off from marketing. ¬†That’s right, the Marketing Mentor is advising you NOT to do any marketing for a week. ¬†To help ¬†you do this, I’ve posted a calendar to help you at ¬†

Enjoy the month of December and please share each of these events with 2 other people you think could benefit.

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