Being an information hog kills trust

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 | Business Life with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

paperworkIf you are like most of the people I’ve worked with, you started your business because you knew you wanted to change the world.  You were determined to make it happen and then you did.  Yay for you!  That’s awesome!  Your work in the world is greatly needed, so I’m thrilled you started your business.

If you’re like most of the people I’ve worked with, you also had a gigantic learning curve when you came into this business.  You may have had some experience in marketing, but you weren’t an expert by any stretch of the imagination.  When you first started out, I’m sure the task of learning marketing was very daunting.  Did you ever think you’d get as far as you have?   I’m sure you’ve come a long way!

I’ll bet you always have some sort of book or download you are reading.  You probably subscribe to the best marketing guru e-mail newsletter lists as well.  Is your bookshelf full of marketing and business books?  How about those binders you’ve received at different marketing events?  Are those sitting in your office as well?  All that studying has probably paid off in some successful launches that have gotten your business where it is today.  I’ll bet you credit one or two marketing experts with your success.  You did your homework and it paid off.  Congratulations!

Are you 3 or more years into your business and still hogging marketing information?

So, when are you done with your creative way of going through marketing school?

Did you switch gears at some point and have to go back to Freshman year?

Will you ever get to graduate?

When will you have learned enough?

I’ll bet you’re thinking I’m crazy for asking those last two questions.  That little voice inside your head says “Never!”  ”I’ll never be done.  I have to keep learning or my business will suffer.”

If that little voice lives in your head, then I’m betting your business is already suffering.  You see.  There comes a point in every business owners career when they HAVE learned enough to at least slow down or take a break for a while.  I can just hear your little voice now….”What?!  Nope. Not possible!”  Tell your little voice it’s ok.  We’re just exploring something and that doesn’t mean you’ve committed to anything.  Ok?  Do that now.

I’ll put it in front of you again.  There comes a point where you have learned enough.  At that point, if you are still consuming marketing education all around, then you have become an Information Hog.  Here are some symptoms of information hogging:

  • Important e-mails from clients and joint venture partners get lost in the sea of e-mails from newsletters and lists you subscribe to.
  • You have so many things  you have to read that you feel behind the times and catching up seems impossible.
  • You utilize technology to keep your learning with you.  You take it to the gym, on walks, in the car, on the plane etc…
  • You are always trying out new marketing strategies in your business.
  • You add things into your marketing plan mid-stream a lot.
  • You often worry that there’s a better way.

It all seems pretty harmless, right?  Not so much!  If you’re missing e-mails then you are missing opportunities.  If you are always feeling behind and doubting your own knowledge, then what kind of message are you putting into your marketing?  Oh yeah, that doubt seeps in.  You could be undermining your own hard work.

If you are constantly feeding your brain information on marketing, trying new things, and changing your marketing mid-stream, how consistent is your marketing?  How do you ever get good at doing one marketing strategy when you don’t stay on it for longer than one launch,  maybe two?   Practice makes perfect.  Although, I don’t believe perfection exists, I do know that practicing over and over again does help you hone and get better results.

Not only that, how about those marketing campaigns that have a lot of moving parts?  If you shift gears mid-stream something is going to be broken, missing, or not doing what it’s supposed to do.  Talk about a trust killer for potential clients.  They will walk away fast if they see discombobulated  marketing.

One more  time.  There comes a point where you have learned enough.  If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of being an information hog, I suggest you start a 3 month marketing detox right now.  Stop learning.  Use what you know and see what happens.

Are you going to detox?  Where are you going to stop learning?  What knowledge are  you going to start trusting? Leave a comment below.

FYI - Being an information hog is just one sign that you may be addicted to marketing.  Read more about marketing addiction and detox at


  1. 1
    Jane Morrison // February 28th, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Kristen, loved this post. I recognized that I was an “information hog” a few years ago and vowed that I was enough and knew enough to begin to “let go” and claim my expertise. With all the information that bombards us daily, it is hard to disconnect and be selective of what we choose to view, but necessary, as otherwise we are in a state of being “students” when we need to be “teachers”. Thanks for sharing an important message.

  2. 2
    Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert // February 28th, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Jane, I’m so glad you stopped by AND that you have changed the way you view information. Yay for claiming your expertise! It’s hard to step back and admit that you aren’t owning that you are enough. It’s not an easy process to let go.

    This message is very important to me. I’ve watched information hogging spin businesses around and around for years. That’s why I’m sharing this stuff. I’m tired of watching and want to motivate coaches to do something about it.

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