Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

I talk to so many people about marketing and all they talk about is what technology they use, the marketing tasks they do on a regular basis and the processes they go through.  Ugh!!  There is so much more to marketing than that!!

  • Marketing is an education platform.
  • Marketing is a relationship machine.
  • Marketing is a way for you to reach out and help people understand what is possible.
  • Marketing is the place where you can open minds and hearts.
  • Marketing is the first step in creating change.
  • Marketing is your first coaching platform.

No matter what you DO in marketing, you need to make sure you are BEING the coach.  Every little corner of your marketing systems, your marketing language, and your marketing strategies must keep these things in mind.  You see, many people become internet marketers and have great success at it.  Many coaches have followed the advice of big wig internet marketing trainers and they’ve experienced the succes that comes from it.  How much more success could be gained if the “being” of the coach was carried through every little piece of the marketing puzzle?

Here’s an example; Michelle Ward, The When I Grow Up Coach has been invited to be interviewed on a call.  Michelle is energetic, kooky and crazy fun to talk to (I know, I’ve had several conversations with her).  She also has some great info. to share.  So, she put her fun personality totally out there in her blog post inviting her community to sign up for the call.  Here’s the page -  Go read it!  Can’t you just imagine how much fun she would be on a coaching call?  It oozes through her marketing, doesn’t it?  The coach (Michelle) is totally present in her invitation.  Take a look at her blog design, picture, colors etc…it all matches, doesn’t it?  Even her font matches!!  This is what I’m talking about!  She’s giving you an experience of her coaching throughout all her marketing.  Now, don’t go trying to get all creative like Michelle did.  That’s HER, not YOU!  So don’t sweat the creativity…just make sure your marketing feels and looks like who you are on a coaching call.

I see too many coaches passing off their marketing work to someone who is technical and doesn’t have knowledge of coaching or what it can do for people.  A coach may know how to create great copy , which is great!  It’s a MUST!  Then they hire skilled labor to put the marketing into place.  This skilled labor knows technically what to do, but has no idea how to make the sales process “FEEL” like that particular coach’s brand of service.  It’s that personal touch of consistency that makes all the difference in the world for increasing your response to a marketing campaign.  So, hire someone who can translate your unique coaching brand into the process of marketing for you.  Especially if you aren’t the one doing most of it!

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