Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Hey Everyone!

 I’ve returned from my move.  I am back and ready to go.  New environment, new town, new stuff, and the creativity is flowing!!  How about you?  Did you attend the ICF Conference last week?  Are you getting that creative bug too?  I know whenever the creative juices get flowing it’s time to take action.  Although there are times when the juices get flowing and I delay the action.  As a Coach, I’m sure you have your own ways of working with inaction.   So, let’s talk about getting it all out there and putting the creative ideas into your business.  What are some ways to get those thoughts and plans together so that they are useable?  Here are some suggestions:

1)  When my creativity kicks in, ideas come very fast.  So, I carry a small spiral notepad in my purse and take it everywhere.  I jot ideas down for future reference. 

 2)  Do it NOW!!  It’s so easy to just say, “when I have time I’ll do it.”  Nope, no time like the present.  The moment you see the opportunity to put your thoughts into action, do it!!  When I came back from my move, I noticed I needed a better way to keep my client files organized.  So, I immediately started playing with it.  I was at the store and saw the spiral notebooks I would need.  While my husband and I were out at the office supply store, I went ahead and bought the other supplies.  I spent an hour and a half putting the system in place.  Time I could’ve spent doing something else.  Putting my thoughts into action has saved me time ever since.  I don’t have to root for client notes anymore!!  I just pull out their notebook from their color coded file and voila!!  Instant history and space for the new info. 

3)  Share the work.  As you put new ideas into place for your business, you still want to have time to take care of your current clients.  Get some help!!!  Share your ideas with a VA, your partner, your spouse ANYONE who might be willing to take some of the work off your hands and supports your business.  This will keep you moving forward. 

Be creative and enjoy it!!!!  For anyone willing to share… I’d love to hear how your creative juices have gotten started recently.   How have you organized your creativity?  Leave a comment below. 


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