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Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

I’d like to discuss something a little different this week.  I’m finding that business is not just business.  It’s about relationships.  I have some excellent working relationships with Coaches and other business owners that I absolutely adore.  When I do interviews, I’m interacting on a relationship level.  For me, business is not about the tasks of the job.  It’s about the relationships I create.  My business life is so much more fulfilling when I’m creating relationships.

Any business owner has a personal investment in their business.  So, when you (as the owner) talk about your business you are expressing your relationship with that business.  As a Coach, you are aware of how closely your business aligns with your values.  You believe in the value of your business and you want to share that with the rest of the world.  THIS is your advantage.

CLIENTS - The Coaching industry is still young and a lot of people have no idea what your product is.  I am always hearing that the experience explains it better than words can.  As a client of a Coach (Robin Jones, CPCC), I can say that the experience is what sold ME on Coaching.  The point is, a client is experiencing Coaching through the relationship you establish the moment they look at your website, purchase a product or speak to you on the phone.  What kind of relationship do you have with your clients?  Is that reflected throughout your business?  If so, I believe you WILL attract the clients you want to work with.

COACHES - Through Classess, Conventions and online networks, there are many Coaches that you have come into contact with.  How many have you established a relationship with?  Being polite and businesslike is still a relationship.  What kind of relationship do you WANT to have with this network?  The possibilities are endless.

OTHER BUSINESS OWNERS - If you are out in the networking world, then relationships are being formed constantly.  These are the relationships that will bring you more clients.  As you meet other business owners, you have the opportunity to establish a wonderful win-win relationship where you both benefit.  It’s not about the referrals, or the amount of clients you get for each other.  It’s about the relationship you establish that allows both of you to soar.  You refer people to someone you know and trust.  Without the relationship, it’s hard to build that trust.

My hope is that each of you create the relationships you want with everyone involved in your precious business.

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