Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

noAs a coach you want to get your message out into the world and make a living doing it, right?  Great!  If you want the most effective marketing money can buy, you are going to have to stop hiring people who will do whatever you say.   It’s only going to get you as far as you could go on your own.  Wait!  Isn’t the purpose of hiring people to help you go farther than you would on your own?  Don’t you want your team members to move you forward?  Well, a yes man (or woman) is not going to do it for you.

Here are two big drawbacks to just hiring yes people:

1) Yes people don’t share - Most people in this category keep to them selves.  They have their nose in their computers and are doing what they are told.  They don’t ask questions and they don’t speak up when they have an idea or even when they know something of value.  This keeps you where you are.  There is information at your finger tips inside your yes persons brain, but they aren’t sharing.  So, you have no new information to help you make an educated decision.

2)  Yes people are focused on the small picture - “Yes, I can take care of that for you.”  How often have you heard that?  You probably loved it!  You relax and think…”Whew, now I don’t have to worry about that.”  Ah, but you do have to worry about that.  You’re going to see it when it’s finished.  Your yes person is going to send their piece back to you and oops…somethings missing.  Or oops we forgot to mention….  Or oops …..  Now how much time are you spending on fixing, adding, changing etc…?  How much time are you spending on communication?  How much money are you spending on getting the fix done?  Wouldn’t you have rather had everything thought out in advance so that when it comes back, it’s done?  Hmmm….yes people are focused on the task at hand.  They aren’t looking at where that small task fits into the larger marketing picture.  So, of course there are going to be things they don’t know or don’t realize needed to be included.  They just did what you asked them to, without thinking about where that piece of marketing was going.

I know, you love your yes people!  They DO have a place in your business.  They are the grease in your wheels and keep the systems running smoothly.  Just remember that someone needs to keep their eye on the big picture of your marketing, question your philosophies and provide you with valuable information, thoughts and ideas that will move your business forward.

How much more productive and successful would you be if you had a partner instead of a yes person?

A partner will own their half of the relationship.  Someone who is willing to stand for you and what you want to accomplish in your business is going to push you and help you grow in your marketing.    A “no” in service of making your marketing better is going to increase your results.  A partner who honors their own time and says “no” to give themselves room to do things RIGHT, is going to prevent a majority of mistakes.

I say “no” a lot to my clients.  It’s always in service of improving their marketing.  I’m not one to shut up and do what I’m told…just ask my Mom.  There’s a much bigger part of this though that’s way closer to my heart.  I can’t sit idly by when I know there’s something a coach could do differently to increase their reach and change more lives.

Do you have partners or yes people working with you in your business?

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