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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 | Social Networking with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Have you heard?  There’s a new industry report out about social media marketing.  Michael Stelzner surveyed nearly 900 Social Media Marketers (including myself) and has published his results.  I’m going to highlight some of the important parts for coaches here.  If you want to see the entire report, you can go to Michael’s blog and download it.

What constitutes social media?

First off I want to clarify what I mean when I say social media.  This survey included Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, You Tube, Social Bookmarking sites, Stumble Upon, Digg (and others like it), and Friend Feed.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

“The number-one benefit of social media marketing is gaining the all-important eyeball.  A significant 81% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated exposure for their businesses. Improving traffic and growing lists was the second major benefit, followed by building new partnerships.”

I’ve had many coaches ask me, what the ROI for social media is.  Well, here ya go!  More exposure leads to more clients.  It’s as simple as that.  I know, it’s easy to continue marketing the way you always have, but what about expanding your community?  Through social media you can exponentially expand the amount of people you expose your business to on a daily basis.  How much business are you getting from your non-social media community?  What if you could triple or quadruple that community?  How much more business would that mean for you?  THAT’s your ROI for social media marketing.

According to Michael, “Sole Proprieters were more likely than others to see benefits.”  So, if you are the main show in your business, it’s definitely worth it to be engaging in social media.

How much time do you need to spend in social media?

In as little at 6 hours a week, those surveyed have seen results.  Here are some of the findings:

“After only a few months and with as few as 6 hours a week, more than half of marketers have generated qualified leads with social media marketing.”

“61.83% of people who have only invested a few months in their social media marketing report new partnerships were gained.”

Again, sole proprietors were more likely to see these results.

“Nearly all marketers spending 6+ hours a week on social media marketing found exceptionally positive results.”

So, at 6 hours or less, you’ll see some results.  If you spend more than 6 hours a week, you’ll see exceptional results.  That doesn’t mean you need to be spending that kind of time right off the bat!  Most experienced social media marketers do spend 16+ hours a week on social media marketing, but that doesn’t mean you have to!!  As you start seeing results, you’ll want to spend more time on the networks.  In starting at 6 hours, you can find which networks are brining the most results, so that when you ARE ready to add time to your efforts, you know where it will do the most good.

In conclusion:

If you haven’t jumped into social media yet, or you are wondering if you should do more of it, the answer is GO FOR IT!!  Many businesses are out there gaining profitable connections every day.  This report proves that social networking is worth the time.  So, jump in, beef up and expand your business.

What do you think of these findings?  What questions do you have about social media marketing?  Let us know and we can discuss it here.

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