The Importance Of An Article Resource Box

Sunday, January 6th, 2008 | Marketing with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

I’ve talked to several Coaches recently about submitting articles and I’m getting the same question, “what is a resource box?”  This is an extremely important part of the article submission process.  The resource box is what drives traffic to your website.  There are a few things to remember when putting together a resource box.

1)  Your reader has read the complete article and it has been so effective that they want to know more about you.  YAY!!  So, you’ve already sold them on who you are and what you are all about.

2)  The resource box is your chance to brag without bragging.  Share the wonderful groups of people you’ve worked with. Share that e-book you just put on the market.  Share the name of your e-zine and what it has to offer.  The important thing to remember here is to avoid the “hard sell.”  You want it to be a “sharing” of information…If this article interests you then you might find this, this and this interesting as well.  Try to avoid sales copy.  You care about your readers and you want them to grasp the concept of your article in order to improve their lives, right?  Help them understand THAT!

3)  Be sure to include a link to your website!!  If you don’t have your website in the resource box, then your article marketing isn’t marketing at all.  It’s just sharing your articles with the world…which is all well and good.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do some marketing at the same time, though?!  Put your website in and over time readers will begin to visit your site.

4)  “About NAME” is not necessary.  If you want to put your name in the resource box, then just start it with “NAME is…”.   If you add the “about” it becomes more like a sales pitch.

5)  Abide by the rules of the article sites.  Most article sites have regulations on the amount of words you can use in a resource box.  I recommend using less than 200.  Keep it short and simple.  Remember, if they are reading the resource box then they already like what you have to offer.

Article marketing can be very effective in creating more traffic on your website.  It’s as easy or as hard as you make it.  Keep it simple.  A little blurb about some wonderful things you want to share will be very effective.

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