Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Are you an experienced coach who is hearing that you MUST be on Twitter?  Have you jumped in?  Do you find yourself wondering what you are doing there?  You are NOT the only one!  The word has gotten out.  Twitter is a great tool for marketing your coaching business, but it doesn’t do you any good unless you know how you want to BE on Twitter.

You may want to grab something to take notes with because I’m going to help you create a few lists that will help give you some direction.  As you create your lists do a brain dump.  Add whatever comes to mind and you can filter it out later (if you even need to).  This is all about creating possibility.

1) First thing to think about is who do you want to connect with via Twitter? Do you want to connect with potential clients, joint venture candidates, high profile connections in your niche?  Someone else?  All of those?  Be as adventurous as you want to be.  If you are adventurous as a coach, I suggest you implement that mentality here and be adventurous.  Reach for those you really want to reach for.  The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to Twitter.  Brain dump and add them all to your list.

2) Next, what do those people want? As an experienced coach, you’ve made connections like these in other arenas.  You know what they are looking for.  You know what gets their attention and what makes them take the next step.  Again, make a list.  Put it all down.

3) Now, who are you being as a coach? You’ve probably been asked that question by one coach or another.  Have you written it down?  If so, pull it out and have it handy.  If not, do it now.  Write down how you are with your clients in different situations.  Are you tough, but gentle?  Write down as many phrases, words or sentences as you can think of.

4) Lastly, take a look at who you are being as a person? Again right this down.  As a whole person who are you being in this world?  How does that overlap with who you are as a coach?

Now you have lots of information that can help inform the way you will BE on Twitter. Think of Twitter as a way to create a community of people YOU want to be surrounded by.  Take the answers to #1, above, and start building your community.  “Follow” those people who fit your criteria.  Look them up on or .   Get yourself a desktop application that can help keep you organized while you do.  I suggest, so you can group your community by the type of connection you want to make.

As you respond to other tweets, think about the connection you want to make and what that person wants.  Listen to what they are asking in the tweet and use your list of what they want, from #2.  Here’s the tricky part.  At the same time you are giving them what they want, be yourself!  I suspect that who you are as a person has a lot of overlap with who you are as a coach.  So, be yourself.  Listen to your intuition.  Follow your gut and BE the person you feel you want to be in that moment.  The list is just a guideline for when you get stuck.  Your gut knows better than anything.  As in all coaching.  Trust it, try it, see if it sticks and let it go.

When creating your own tweets, look at what your community wants. Answer that call in general terms.  You don’t have to give away all your secrets or even coach people via Twitter.  Start your day with a tweet about some topic with which you already know they struggle.  Give them 140 characters of wisdom that will make them think about new possibilities.  Give your followers hope.  Give your followers something that will move them slightly forward.  Any of that will get your followers wanting more.  In my own personal experience on Twitter, I’ve found that people respond to wisdom that gives them a new perspective.  Send one of those every day and you will build your following in no time.

The great thing about Twitter is you can BE yourself! Many people choose to share their personal lives as well as their business life with the Twitter community.  Set your boundaries however you want to set them.   Just remember that it is a SOCIAL network.  People want to get to know who you are.  They also want to know a bit about what you do.  Whatever the topic, if you are BEING the coach and person you are, then they will be most attracted to that!

Of course there are a lot more technical things I could go into as well as marketing strategy.  You can find a lot of that at  I recommend you DO get this guide which is a great Twitter reference and starter kit!

If I’ve missed something here, or you have a story to share about trying these strategies, I’d love to hear about it.  So, please share.


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    Roberta Hill // January 6th, 2009 at 11:07 am

    Great to the point article. Will definitely retweet. I use both (great for searches too) and depending on the day and my needs. Next thing to consider is analytics - like as well as linking blog post to twitter and twitter to Facebook, feedfiend etc.

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