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Hello Coaches and other Personal Transformation Professionals,

Announcing changesThis is a special blog post dedicated to sharing the coolest, most useful events and opportunities that are happening for you as a business owner, marketer, coach and human being.  I hope you will take advantage of them.

Special opportunities from Kristen and Coaches’ Marketing Source

Marketing Kick Start Program - This program is a very low-cost way to kick start your marketing so that you can afford to keep growing your business.  Get a boost in your conversion rate from website to phone call.  Have the support you need to take time off this the summer and still be out there marketing.  Get your marketing done, without lifting a finger.  It’s simple and it won’t break the bank.  Register at

Build Your Dream Business Without Breaking The Bank - This is likely the last call in this FREE tele-series.  I’ll be interviewing Therese Skelly of Happy In Business about how to grow your business with the right support without breaking the bank.  It’s challenging to invest in your business when you don’t know exactly what to invest in.  This call is all about figuring out how to get the most for your investment, so you can grow your business.  Register for this June 22 call at

Special opportunities offered by others (no affiliate links)

The Body, Mind, and Business Telesummit - This FREE event started yesterday, but you still have the opportunity to participate as it goes through June 10.  What I love about this Telesummit is the holistic approach Therese Skelly and Melissa McCreery are taking.  Too often women get so focused on growing their businesses that they burn out their adrenals, or they are so concerned about taking care of their family, that they forget to do the tasks necessary to have a profitable business.

Therese and Melissa have created an amazing lineup of speakers who are offering all of it!  You’ll walk away with specific strategies not only to grow your business, but to take care of the most important commodity you have – your health and your energy.

To take advantage of the FREE Body, Mind and Business Telesummit just visit

Done-For-You Giveaway of the Century - Linda Claire Puig and Kim Clausen have teamed up for the second year in a row to give you FREE Done-For-You Services.  This is a great opportunity to for you to experience hand-picked service providers, get free information and enter to win free services.  All you have to do is go to and register.  Then you’ll get the list of prizes!  You can enter to win as many as you want.  This is a really great model for a giveaway and they always offer top notch prizes.  Contest ends June 7, so enter now.

Milana Leshinsky and Hanna McNamara team up for coaches in the UK - This One-Time Free Teleseminar Where You’ll FINALLY Hear the Truth About Why So Many Coaches Struggle, and What YOU Can Do to Build a Thriving and Profitable Practice.  Milana Leshinsky, the author of “Coaching Millions”, has been working with coaches over the last 9 years and has been closely following the development of the coaching industry.   Join Milana on June 1 for a FREE teleseminar and she will reveal to you:

* The 3 biggest mistakes 91% of coaches make that make their practice building efforts soooooo darn hard!

* How making just ONE simple mindshift can double or triple your
coaching practice in a few short weeks!

* How tweaking your business model can put a stop to those dreadful
questions about fees and credibility forever!

* How shifting your focus can keep your client “pipe line” full and
have dozens of prospects chomping at the bit to work with you!

To register for this call go to

Group Coaching Mastery - This is coming up in August and I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for any coach who is looking to expand their service offerings into group coaching.  Not only that, this course offers powerful marketing tools to get your group coaching program off the ground.  Wendy Y. Bailey is a referral partner of mine and I’m going to be taking this course in August so I can get to know the program better and I suspect I will learn a huge amount about group coaching in the process.

If you’ve been wanting to start a group coaching program to expand your income, then join me in August and learn everything there is to the know from the Queen of Group Coaching.  Register at

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