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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 | Implementation planning with
Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

I’m going to be honest with you.  The next 4 -6 weeks, I’m not sure exactly how much I’ll actually get to blogging.  Yeah, I could do as I tell my clients and schedule a post every week.  However, I have no idea what I’d talk about!

Here’s the deal.  I write my blog posts as ideas come to me.   I only plan them out in advance when lots of ideas are floating around and I just want to get them down on paper so they can be used.  Otherwise, my posts are written very close to the time that they appear on my blog.  Sitting down and trying to convince myself that I have 12 blog posts in me right at that moment doesn’t work.  I’ve already written a lot of the information that I’ve been waiting to get out…lots of posts have been done that way since I started this blog.  I’m kinda done and brain dead at the moment.

I DO encourage clients  to  be transparent in their marketing…so that’s what I’m doing today.  At this moment, I have nothing else to write except that I am going on vacation.  Do you take a vacation?  This year, I feel it’s totally necessary.  Between all the craziness of life and the craziness of business I’m plain tuckered out and brain fried.  My husband and I are taking 8 days off starting Thursday and I am totally psyched!  I need some time away from my computer.  We both need some down time to just exist.  No lavish vacation for us (which we have done in the past).  This year, we’re staying home.

Now, does that mean the marketing I do stops?  Nope, I’ve pre-schedule my newsletter.  I also have some pre-scheduled broadcasts going out through AWeber.  One thing I’m not willing to give up is my social networking.  Now, if you follow me on Twitter or have friended me on Facebook, then you know I don’t just talk about my business.  While I’m on vacation, I will be on vacation.  I may tweet or update my Facebook status, but it’s going to be about my vacation.  NOT work.  I’m stepping out of work mode as of Thursday at 9:00pm and I won’t return until my first day back in the office.  I’m even shutting down my laptop.  I’m also turning off all e-mails to my iPod Touch, except my personal one (NO work goes there).  I need to step out of my business for at least a week every year.  If I don’t, I’ll go stir crazy.

After my vacation, I have exactly 6 business days to work.  Then I leave for Marketing to Millionaires in Los Angeles.  So, things are gonna quickly get busy again once I return.  Thus the reason I’m not sure when my next blog post will be.  I may do a post vacation post, but I’ll be seriously busy when I return so I won’t promise that.  After Marketing to Millionaires I’m taking a week to visit with virtual friends, clients and family while I’m in California.  So, I will promise you this.  I’ll update you when I get back from the west coast, but that won’t be until November.

Until next time, have an amazingly wonderful time!  Make sure SOME marketing is getting done, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

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