Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

Usually, when I ask this question I get one of the following:

I want to be successful.
I want to be consistent in marketing.
I want more clients.


These are great answers, but I’m sure you can see how top level these are (very much in “little a” territory, if you know what I mean).    Yes, working with someone on marketing can get you those things.  However, it’s important to look beyond the top level.

Marketing isn’t just about improving your business. If you let it, marketing can get you more of what you want in other ways.  What do you want in relationships?  What do you want in terms of expressing yourself?  What do you want your work to do for the world?  What do you want deep down in your soul?

Marketing can be a very fulfilling experience if you really look deeply at what you want.  If you want people to be happy, then use that as a basis to create all your marketing ideas from.  If you want to bring people quiet and peace, then infuse all your marketing, classes, books etc… with a peaceful tone.

Marketing is a medium for you to create whatever you want. So, what do you really want?  Now use marketing to get it.

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