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I’ve been having some back issues and my shoulder has flared up from an accident 3 years ago.  So, I’m in Physical Therapy to get some relief and hopefully fix these problems. (PLEASE do NOT send me your recommendations on how to fix my problem.  That’s not why I’m writing this.)

The nature of Physical Therapy is to keep you working and strengthening muscles so they can go back to their normal functions without pain.  In order to accomplish this, it means you have to constantly work hard at sessions.  Just at the point where I think I’ve almost (not yet, but almost) mastered an exercise, they change it up on me.  Say what?!!!  I never really get to a place of “I can do this!” My Therapist wouldn’t be doing his job if I did.

On one hand, I know this is going to pay off.  On the other hand, I really wish I could get a feeling of some success.  It can be frustrating!

As I was driving home on a day where they switched it up on me (again!), I was thinking about this phenomenon and how it relates to marketing.  Oh yes, it relates to marketing.  Of course, in my brain EVERYTHING relates to marketing.  Ha!

So, what do Physical Therapy and marketing have in common?  It’s that frustrating feeling of never really reaching that level of success and sustainability that you want.  Here are some examples that I’m sure you’ve experienced:

  • Just as you get the hang of a marketing strategy a new, better one, comes along and you have to start all over.
  • Just as you get used to one technology, your business has grown and now you have to upgrade to a newer technology.
  • Just as you think you’ve learned what you need to know about marketing, you find a hole in your knowledge and have to go learn more.
  • A marketing strategy worked well and you got results, but the next time it didn’t fly.
  • You get all excited because you’re trying something new and then it falls flat.

We’ve all been there.   Marketing is an experiment, so we end up constantly testing and adjusting which can be very frustrating.  It can really feel like nothing works, at times.  Even though we know that’s not 100% true.

If you’re feeling this frustration then it’s time for a reframe. Just as in life, everything in marketing is a choice.  You don’t have to take on the latest, greatest strategy.  You could choose to stick to what you know works.  You don’t have to manage new technologies, you can choose to hire someone to help (if you’re growing then you can afford it!).  You get to choose whether you try something a second time.  You get to choose marketing activities that are fun.  You get to choose who you learn from and whether you want to learn something new.

I’ve actually reframed my definition of success at Physical Therapy.  Instead of making success “I can do this!,” I’ve reframed it to be “They’re changing it up, I’m doing great!”.   I’ve been going about three sessions with all my exercises before they change them up.  My goal is to get them to change it after only two sessions.

What’s your new goal?  How will you reframe frustrating, constantly changing marketing?  Make a new choice, today.

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