Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

I recently read an article on the Huffington Post website about what people will pay for online.  It’s based on a survey of adult internet users.  There are some interesting results I’d like to point out that will help coaches determine what will be most profitable this year when it comes to online content.

1)  People are paying for media, but reading materials fall short.  When it comes to “newspaper, magazine or journal articles…18 percent” of  people are willing to pay for access.  One can surmise that informational articles are going to be in that category or even less.  It’s time that coaches realize, charging for information is not something people are going to flock to.  It’s not something to be left out of a marketing plan, but it’s also not something to rely on for a large portion of your income.  It’s important to think about any plans of a membership site that is written content driven.  It’s a huge investment of time, energy and money to get it off the ground and promote it.  You’re going to have to promote really hard if only 18 percent of internet users are going to be interested.  Weigh this with the investment.  It may not make much sense.

2)  “The typical user spent about $10 a month.  However, there are some extremely high-end users…who have paid for content [at] about $47 a month.”  So, if you are going to sell content online, this is what people are willing to pay.  Most people who fall into the category of a coach’s ideal client will be high-end users.  Coaching offers a very personal service.  If people are willing to invest in themselves, they are usually willing to drop more than $10 a month.  Given coaches usually charge hundreds of dollars a month for one-on-one coaching, $47 is not a lot to ask for information that will get someone started.  If you are going to charge for content, make it life-changing content.  You’ll increase your income and you’ll get more subscribers.    You’ll also create lifelong clients who will trust you to follow through on your promises.

If you are thinking about adding more paid content to your marketing plan this year, I highly recommend you weigh out the percentage of people on the internet who are willing to pay for it and how much they are willing to pay.  Invest wisely and don’t count on this being the ultimate “get rich quick” idea.

How do you think this information applies to the coaching industry?  How will it influence your marketing plans?

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