Posted by: Kristen Beireis, Trust Marketing Expert

mywayWhen working with clients, we’re always pointing out where the choices are.  We know, as coaches, that being at choice is very powerful.

Even in marketing, you can be “at choice.” You don’t have to follow what the gurus tell you to do.  You don’t have to do everything EXACTLY as you were taught to do it.  You have a choice.

Have you ever sat down to look at the next marketing project and thought about trying something new with it?  Did you do it?  Or did you convince yourself that you were taught to do it the most successful way, so you should follow the rules? Right? Um, not always.

What if it doesn’t fit for you? I can’t say it enough.  Whatever marketing you do must fit who you are. So, if you have a little tiny niggle about making a different choice that’s popping up for you, it might be time to follow it.  Don’t ignore it.  Let it bubble up and get creative.  Ask how you can put it into action.

You can choose to make any marketing you do, your own.  You can choose a different way that fits better for you.  You can even invent something new.  The world is your oyster and marketing can be whatever you want to make it. When you honor those off the wall, new ideas, you’ll be putting yourself out there in a way that’s new and different.  People want something different. So, trust your choice and potential clients will instantly trust you. What new choice can you make today?

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